How I created my first Vision Board Magic

A few years ago I read two very popular books, ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction’ and having read them, I was inspired enough to create my own Vision Board.

At the time I was working hard to pay my bills with little opportunity to save for ‘luxury’ items. I followed the advice I’d read and I DREAMED BIG! I put things on the Vision Board that I didn’t really conceive were possible to achieve, based on my income, debts, bills, family responsibilities etc. etc… At that time – I wasn’t poor but there wasn’t any money left over at the end of each month for savings..

I spent a lovely afternoon cutting and snipping pictures and words out of magazines, choosing only those that gave me a sense of excitement or made me feel inspired and glued them across an A3 size card. By the end of the afternoon, I’d created my first Vision Board and alongside some inspirational words around health, family, hobbies and income, I’d included a picture of a large diamond ring and a Black Jaguar car. Although acquiring these seemed impossible when I stuck those pictures down, something about them made me feel that stir of excitement and I remember stepping back and smiling when I looked at my board.

Looking at the Vision Board made me feel good and I stuck to reviewing it every day almost religiously for a few weeks and then somehow life took over once more and the Board was put to one side…

At the time I drove a Peugeot 206 (company car) and we also had a Rover 75 (poor man’s Jag) as our family car. I loved the Rover 75 – it had a lovely walnut dashboard which reminded me of the dashboard on my husband’s Triumph Toledo which he had when we first started dating….

I applied for and secured a new job with another organisation which was great – on the down side, the new job didn’t come with a company car. We couldn’t afford to buy a new car so we were managing with our faithful ruby red Rover 75. One Saturday I was driving on the motorway toward London with my niece. We were about 50 miles away from our destination and chatting away.

“This is a lovely car Wendy” she said “It so comfy and drives really smoothly”

“I know” I replied “I love this car it’s been so reliable”.

As those words left my mouth and speeding along in the fast lane, there was suddenly an almighty crashing and bagging from under the bonnet. The car lost power and I had to navigate across 3 lanes of the motorway coasting the last few feet onto the hard shoulder. It was a write off!

So – we’d gone from being a 2 car family down to zero… Not ideal. I travelled into the office by public transport the following week and bumped into the Chief Executive:…”Hi Wendy, I’m glad I’ve bumped into you, we had a meeting yesterday and we’re introducing a new car lease scheme. How do you fancy trialling it?”

I couldn’t believe my ears – this was totally unexpected as there had been no indication previously that this was being considered. It was a good scheme, with my new company contributing Β£250.00 per month toward a lease car – I only had to top it up with any cost over this amount – and everything else was also covered including repairs, car tax and insurance.

I was given some car leasing websites to look at but when I initially checked out some car deals, the family size cars were coming out as more than I could afford so it looked like we’d have to squeeze the family into a smaller car.

As I was about to click off one of the websites, a funny thought popped into my mind – “just have a look and see how much a jag would cost” – I had that brief argument with myself – you know how it goes: “Don’t be ridiculous – it’s way out of your league” to “oh just a quick look just out of interest – something to aim for in the future maybe”…. But when the figures came up I was gob smacked – I couldn’t believe my eyes – there was a special offer on the black jaguar and for only Β£10 per month more than I would have to contribute to a much smaller car I could have the jag.

Within 3 months of pasting that picture of a black jag onto my vision board (to be fair it was a more sporty version on the picture..), we ended up driving a black jag which I kept for the next 3 years.

So the question I ask is: Was it ‘The Law of Attraction’ – something magical and mysterious that had generated the Black Jag that I’d put on my vision board?

Or – maybe what really happened is that because I’d put it on my Vision Board and focussed some attention on it, I’d opened my mind to the possibility and therefore when the opportunity of getting a new lease car arose, I dared to ‘check it out’, which I never would have done if the seed hadn’t been planted….

I know what I believe – what do you think?

Please leave me a comment – it would be great to hear your views.

Before the end of the week, I’ll post some ideas about the different types of Vision Boards you can create so watch this space – Who knows where this could lead you….

ps.. I also ended up with a beautiful diamond ring too – My husband surprised me out of the blue for my 50th birthday – I couldn’t believe it, as again it was totally unexpected!

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  1. Oh this is so great!! Congrats with the car and ring of your dreams!! πŸ˜„
    I just started the magic myself, and I’m so excited to see where it will take me!!
    Thanks for sharing 😁


    1. I’ve had some amazing results over the last few years. “What you focus on is what you get”. I’d love to hear how you get on – Good luck and be careful what you wish for…x Thanks for commenting and following my blog – I appreciate it.


  2. This is very interesting. I plan to create my own vision board. I have things written out all over the place, but I think focus is the key with the board. I will continue checking you out and thanks for sharing.

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  3. I’m convinced! I’ve heard this before and my parents are always reminding me, but too often you get sidetracked with negative thoughts and self-doubt…Anyway, your experiences have made me a believer! πŸ™‚

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    1. Fantastic – I look forward to seeing a photo of your first Vision Board! I get side tracked too – slipping back into old habits and then the Vision Board re-inspires me! Good luck… “What you focus on is what you get..!” x

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  4. Wendy, thank you for recommending this article to me! I am such an advocate for vision boards. I have brought so much wealth and happiness into my life from having one. I actually got my job because of my current vision board (I wrote about it here: But I love your story about the Jag because it is so tangible! Great article!

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    1. Read your article and have subscribed.. A great example of how this works.. I think when you put things on your board suddenly your mind is open to possibilities and you become more pro-active without even realising it! Brilliant!! x

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  5. Who is the author of the law of attraction. I think i have read it twice over tge last few months.. it is very inspiring. And thank god you are safe. Which book talked about vision boards? I still havent done one. I kinda started one on powerpoint need to do a bit more.

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    1. It was Michael Lossier who wrote the original book and it was a ‘follow up’ to The Secret.. I’m sure it was The Law of Attraction where I first read about vision boards but I can’t quite remember.. I’ve been doing them for a few years and definitely recommend you do one. I tried one on the computer but for me it didn’t work the same as creating one on a large A3 piece of card.. somehow having it in physical form seems to work better for me as I have it out where I can see it often.. I hope you do one Bella as I’m sure you’d love it! xx


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