Breaking Free

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The Crossroad…

At the crossroads of life which way do I turn?

Which path leads to lessons I need to learn?

Forward, left or right, there’s no going back

I know that moving on is definitely the right track.


Fear kept me stuck for far too long,

I’d believed it was the place where I belonged.

At last all my worries and fears now admitted,

it’s time for change and I’m totally committed.


Whichever pathway I choose to travel,

new opportunities are bound to unravel,

but the greatest lesson I’ve eventually learned,

is to follow my dreams, that long lay buried.


So now my heart sings as at the crossroad I stand,

knowing that my family are there to lend a hand.

Finally free of heavy shackles that held me back,

Now exciting opportunities and goals to attack!


I’ve developed a clear vision of how my life should be,

the steps clearly mapped, helping me to see,

the route I should take to honour my soul

and I take the first bold step toward my goal.


There will still be blocks and barriers to overcome

but my clearly developed vision will drive me on,

inspiring, motivating and shining the light

toward my own pot of gold now shining bright.

Wendy Hodgson




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