One Habit That Will Change Your World!

A great video from Bob Proctor, introduced to us by Catherine at Believereceiveachieve. Check out Catherine’s blog for some great Law of Attraction inspiration

My Law of Attraction learning journey

As some of you may know Bob Proctor is one of my favourite experts in the field of law of attraction. Here’s a great video I thought you might like. You never know it could change your life, forever!

Love and happiness

Catherine xx

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Belated Thanks, Janaab No-name

I came across this post today. This little tiny book The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, holds a special place in my heart. I found it amongst my mum’s precious possessions – not valuable in monetary terms but worth it’s weight in gold…. I wrote a post a while back with an English translation exert from the poem, which was originally written in Persian in the 11th Century. I cry when I read it and when I read it for the first time, I realised that my parents had followed the ethos contained within those pages, throughout their lives. It now sits beside my bed as a daily reminder and I pick it up often to read… It now holds a precious place in my heart too…


It was sometime in 1954 in Berlin, that I met this person in a shop. I do not remember his name, but one look at each other was enough to convince us that we both belonged to the Indian subcontinent.

We started chatting, surprisingly not in our common Urdu or Hindi, but in German, a foreign language which we were fluent in! He was holding a small book in his hand – Omar Khayyam’s Rubayyat – in German. I had heard about Omar Khayyam, but had never read the English translation as I disliked that language then. He praised Omar Khayyam no end and out of curiosity I just skimmed through the book. I was certainly impressed and made it a point to buy it the very next day. After exchanging pleasantries we bade each other goodbye, never to meet again. I read and reread that tiny booklet and even…

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Self Hosted

So Far So Good! The new Brilliance Within Self Hosted Site is now ready for me to start 'tweaking' as there are some things that haven't transferred and some 'widgets' that need adding in etc. Please be patient as I need to spend a bit of time adapting the new site so won't be posting... Continue Reading →

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