Self Hosted Transfer

Just to let you know that I’ve now succeeded in the transfer to a self hosted blog which you can access via

The transfer has gone really smoothly so far thanks to the brilliant service provided by Phil at . After all my research, I was recommended the ‘free transfer’ service from Pipdig by a relative who is also a great blogger and had made the move via Pipdig herself a couple of years ago.

I’m so glad as having made the decision to take the ‘leap of faith’, everything was done in less than 5 days with minimal input required from myself. The transfer is done free when the ‘hosting’ is purchased via the link on Pipdig’s site, which is very fair and I’d have had to pay for the hosting regardless.

I’ve saved so much time trying to muddle through the transfer myself and at no extra cost to me for the hosting, all the pressure has been taken off and enabled me to ‘go live’ with no issues. The only additional cost was the purchase of the new blog site layout which at just £49.00 has been worth every penny.

When I noticed that a few posts hadn’t transferred across to the new site, Phil investigated and the posts were retrieved within a few hours – FANTASTIC service!

Once the transfer completes, I’ve done some tweaking (by my choice and not from necessity), to re-categorise some posts as I’m changing the categories to fit the new site and I’m still working on this. The new look site purchased from Pipdig also allows lots of customisation to personalise the site too.

All the existing WordPress Followers have successfully transferred to the ‘self hosted’ site which is brilliant. Please do pop across and subscribe to the new blog and keep visiting and reading my new posts. I’m a little bit behind which I’m sure you’ll understand and I’ll be doing some ‘catch up’ reading later in the week.

In the meantime, if you want to know any more detail, please message me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that I can about going self hosted..

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful Easter!

Much love






13 thoughts on “Self Hosted Transfer

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        1. Fabulous Miriam – I’m so glad you had a brilliant nigh celebrating and enjoying the moment.. even if that’s left you with a sluggish head in the morning! Woken here to a glorious spring Sunday.. off to my son’s for lunch soon so don’t even have to cook! Have a lovely relaxed evening and a brilliant week… xxx

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          1. Thanks Wendy, yes I have had a sluggish head today though it’s more from lack of sleep rather than over indulging. Oh, and a very sore and possibly infected tooth and mouth. Think it’s iff to the dentist for me this week, need to get this checked out.
            Hope you have a lovely lunch with your son and family. Enjoy your Sunday. xo

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          2. Thanks Wendy. I’ve woken to a very foggy Monday morning here and a very painful and inflamed mouth. It’s not been a good night. Will be ringing the dentist as soon as they open. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday my friend. xo


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