Truth Moment Monday!

Sparky Jen always gives me some food for thought with her posts and this weeks ‘Truth Moment Monday’ post resonated perfectly with my Law Of Attraction post. Jen illustrates why sometimes we need to experience a ‘struggle’ in life, with a brilliant story about a butterfly… Well worth a read and pop across to Jen’s blog as her posts are always inspiring!

Sparky Jen "No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!"

What thing(s) in your life are you wishing could be easier right now?

When was the last time you actually heard yourself say: “If this struggle doesn’t get easier, I’m going to quit.”

Today is a good day to take a short minute and read: “The Story of the Butterfly.”

Then see how you feel.


Struggles are not bad things. Infact, many can be good, especially if we view them as tests.

Think of them as preparation for something wonderful life has in store for you.

Let go of those scissors. Don’t you or let anyone else cut a hole in your life just yet.

Embrace the struggle!!!


Can you do that???

What If the Easy Way

Isn’t What It Appears To Be???

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