How to bring pleasure into your life

I read a quote today by Barbara Sher on her website as follows:

“…pleasure is a telegram from talent and it has an important message in it.”

It got me thinking about what this means in my life and I realise that it relates to my poem Breaking Free which I posted last week. How often we lead our lives doing things because we’ve fallen into them rather than planning to do them and not doing the things that would give us pleasure. I’ve certainly been guilty of both over many years.

The quote from Barbara Sher led me to thinking about the things I have loved doing over the years, things that gave me pleasure and yet I let them go and stopped doing them – sometimes thinking ‘I’ve not got time…’ or being put off by other people. In other words, I threw away those important telegrams that were sending me clues about how to lead a happier life.

Well thank goodness it’s never too late so a couple of years ago, I started ferreting around in the waste bin of my mind and decided to recycle some of the things I cast out many years ago.

Writing poems – just because I enjoyed writing them was one of those things I got pleasure from doing when I was young and somehow forgot about as I ‘grew up’ – work, love, children….. Life somehow takes over and I lost my focus.

(I’m really pleased to have received positive feedback from some of my fellow bloggers for the recent poems I’ve posted – thank you for all those who have ‘liked’ and left ‘comments’ as it helps to boost my confidence and I genuinely appreciate it!)

How many of you have also ignored those telegrams – the message from your heart and instead been ‘too busy’ ‘not enough time’ to do the things that you really love? Well it’s time to start listening to those messages – What talents could you be putting to good use that could also bring wealth into your life?

– I don’t just mean money, what about the people following your talent could bring into your life too? But hey – let’s not forget money either – we all need some, so why not let doing some of the things that bring us pleasure, also release our talent to the world and help us to generate some extra income too maybe….

Following your hearts desire, recognising the telegram when it arrives and not discarding it into the bin is so important. We’re often busy leading our busy lives that we forget the value that doing some of the things that bring you pleasure and can enhance your life.

Sometimes we stop doing things because we’ve been put off by our peers – I remember I loved singing in the school choir and concerts and yet I stopped because it was considered ‘uncool’ by some of my friends. So from the age of 13/14 until I was 50, I never sang publicly again (some may say that was a good thing) but for me it was a loss of pleasure which I missed for over 35 years…

Fortunately it’s never too late and aged 50, I joined a fabulous choir – ‘Sing Live’, which was inspirational and gave me an amazing opportunity to take up singing again. I travelled with the choir to various concert venues over the next couple of years and it enabled me to perform in concerts with Jane McDonald and then off to America to perform with the fantastic Walt Disney Singers at the Nativity Concerts at the Epcot Centre in Florida. I sang Bohemian Rhapsody at Sheffield Arena and some amazing ‘show’ songs at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester – the pleasure it brought back into my life was astounding!

So my reminder to you: Start reading those telegrams – go back into the recycle bin and remind yourself about the things that you loved to do and then start doing more of the things that bring you pleasure. For me that’s singing and writing poems and I’ve now re-started these and I’ve got lots more on a long list to go at too. I’m taking positive steps to fill my life with the things that bring me ‘pleasure’ – totally orgasmic!

My suggestion to you: Take some positive action today and sit down for a few minutes to remind yourself about the things that you enjoyed doing as a child, as a teenager, early adulthood etc. that you no longer do. TAKE ACTION – start to do some of those things again now!

I’d love to hear about some of the things that would bring you pleasure if you re-started them. Please leave me a comment and tell me about them below! Let’s inspire each other to do the pleasurable things in life…


4 thoughts on “How to bring pleasure into your life

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  1. I would like to think we should not be afraid to try something new as well, not necessarily something we used to do and have stopped 🙂 like for me I would love to learn to paint one day! 🙂


    1. Oh so true Lili I absolutely agree. Do all things old and new that bring joy into your life. I believed I couldn’t paint until I was hypnotised by Dr Richard Bandler (amazing co-founder of NLP). On a stage infront of several hundred people, I painted a canvas that still astounds me and serves to remind me that we should never limit our lives and we create our own boundaries from our beliefs.. Thanks for your comment – I’m going away to think about some of the ‘new things’ to add to my list. Don’t wait for ‘one day’ to paint – it may never arrive – start very soon and enjoy the experience!

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