Nadan lamb curry.

I tried this Nadan Lamb Curry tonight originally posted on Sumith’s blog Keralas Live and it was absolutely delicious. I made a couple of tweaks as I was missing two of the ingredients I.e. fresh coconut with coconut milk and fresh tomatoes with a tin of chopped tomatoes (sorry Sumith…) which gave it more of a sauce. Thanks Sumith for a delicious Saturday night meal!

Here’s a shot of my attempt – I’m sure it wasn’t a patch on Sumith’s but it was still very tasty!


Is scratch cooking a lost art?

If you compare the meals served in many of the kitchens today to meals served  years back, there is one very big difference. Nearly every meal has come from a box, bag, or pouch. Take breakfast, for example. Did you have toast? If so, did you make the bread? Cereal? One of those little packs of oatmeal, all flavoured up and just waiting for you to add water? Did your breakfast originate in the freezer?

If you do a quick survey of your own kitchen, you may be surprised at what you find. I discovered that the best way to clean up my act was to focus on cooking only from scratch. Now, my kitchen has only a few holdouts, most of which are there for food storage purposes.

Some of the most common processed items that “sneak in” are dairy and grain products…

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