Stressful Times. Empowering Lessons.

Dr Andrea Dinardo asks some fabulous questions to help us identify our ‘stressors’ and to remind us that whenever we face a challenge in our life, we are able to learn important and empowering lessons. This is a great read – pop across to Dr Andreas’ blog for some wonderful insights into how it’s possible to improve the quality of our lives, with some simple changes about how we think….

Thriving Under Pressure

 Question your stress. It has a lesson for you.


1/ Identify a stressor / challenge in your life. Be specific.

For example: Not enough money. Too busy. Lack of sleep. Pushy relative.

Your Answer: ______________________________

2/ What is this stressor / challenge trying to teach you?

For Example: Slow down. Change jobs. End a relationship. Get help. Breathe.

Your Answer: ______________________________

image3/ How did you overcome challenges in the past? Be specific.

For Example: Trusted myself. Reached out. Held on. Said no. Moved on.

Your Answer: ______________________________

4/ Which strength will help you overcome current challenge?

For Example: Faith. Patience. Positivity. Reflection. Connection. Laughter.

Your Answer: _______________________________

image5/ List positive results of mastering this stressor / challenge.

For Example: Enhanced self-esteem. Less negativity. More authenticity.

Your Answer: _______________________________

What empowering lessons have your stressors & challenges taught you?

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