Can you spot the spooks this Halloween?

We had a lovely late summer camping holiday when we visited The Croft Camp Site, Suffolk, UK in September… It was the second trip with our new Vango Edoras 500x airbeam tent .

Maria and Guy opened their new campsite for the first time in Summer 2016 and the site is great! Maria and Guy are brilliant hosts and made us feel incredibly welcome.

We had a really relaxing break and as you can see from these photographs, everything looked brilliant during the day and indeed we had the camp site to ourselves for a few days (or so we thought…).

We thoroughly enjoyed being ‘at one’ with nature and eating a few blackberries while we watched the butterflies.. ahhhh lazy days….

We also enjoyed a couple of fabulous evenings, when we were invited to join Maria & Guy’s family to test out The Croft’s new Cob Oven – it was a night of great food – those pizza’s are the food of legends!!……

Followed by a necessary glass (or 2) of wine (just to quench our thirst obviously…) and a night of laughter spent in fabulous company (Maria’s mum, dad are hilarious and we had tears rolling down our cheeks on several occasions during the evening…)

But then… a strange thing happened the next night….

We noticed some odd ‘activity’ in the sky, as the sun began to set….

It started with a clear moon….

………………………………………………….then down came a strange ‘smoky mist’


… At first I thought it was Bryan being over enthusiastic with the firepit….


Or possibly our tea burning…..

but no… those pesto peppers Recipe: 5 Steps to Tastiest Stuffed Peppers were cooked to perfection on that firepit…..

Needless to say, Dolly who surprised us recently when she transformed into a ‘monster’ and showed me How to be an Irresponsible Dog Owner.. oops!,


on this occasion remained her normal placid self…

So imagine my shock when I returned home and printed out some of our photographs…. 

I discovered….We WEREN’T ALONE…..Yikes!!!

…..To think we were sleeping with all these visitors just on the other side of our canvas…….. although, there were a few LARGE spiders inside the tent with us, which should have been a warning…..


Maria and Guy are brilliant hosts, but I really hope they call the Ghostbusters in before our next trip!






26 thoughts on “Can you spot the spooks this Halloween?

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    1. I KNOW!! We used to go camping years ago but then stopped when our youngest was about 15 (camping and 15 year olds don’t match!).. I do really love it though and with this new tent that is up in about 10 mins with no poles (so easy – well it is when I’m watching hubby put it up..haha!).. Still fancy some trips abroad too though for that summer sunshine!! xx

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  1. Loved this post Wendy. You painted such a great picture of camping I felt like I was there with you (actually it almost sounded like one of our trips) and you built the suspense beautifully. Thanks for the smiles this morning. 😊🐞

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