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    1. I’d love to say it’s cos she’s had an easy life but she really hasn’t.. We do live next door to each other in the adjoining houses and we moved in on the same day 26 years ago so we’ve always been able to support each other through the ups and downs of life… I do admire her greatly though as she has the ability to do things that other people wouldn’t dare to do (me included).. We’ve had lots of laughs about this picture – she went on a ‘become your inner mermaid’ retreat weekend – I wonder what the people on the beach thought when these mermaids turned up and went swimming with ‘mermaid tails’ – haha! I think that’s her secret – just don’t care what others think!

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    1. Thanks so much – what a lovely comment. The photo is of my sister who has the ability to stand out from the crowd and the confidence to stand proud. She certainly belies her 60 years!

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  1. Oh Wendy what a wonderful quote, I love it!! Your sister looks fabulous and that headpiece is amazing!! I can see why you two are so close, you both have such a zest for life, that’s why you both look so young!! Keep the zest. xo

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