Time – Am I getting a message?

It seems that nearly every blog site I’ve visited in the last couple of days has given me a message about ‘time’ and the importance of living life to the full now. Recognising what is great in my life now and doing more of the things I love – NOW! I’ve just checked out my Facebook page and the first post I saw was this picture:

Yes – it’s definitely a message and one I’m paying close attention to!

12 thoughts on “Time – Am I getting a message?

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  1. I get like this. All conscious that someone is trying to tell me something! Yours is a lot deeper than mine…I get all paranoid when I haven’t come on my period and then I see babies everywhere!! Hahaha. Advertising, pregnant ladies, crying babies. Thankfully it’s always been ok and that my mind is just playing on me and I’m fine! Lol Great post xx


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    1. You’re absolutely right – I’ve definitely been ignoring them for the last few years so now they’ve smacked me right in the face – definitely no avoiding them now and I am paying attention with some pretty major life changes (work wise).. xx

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