Hurricane Matthew

For all blogging friends who may be affected by Hurricane Matthew, I’ll be thinking about you over the next few days and I sincerely hope you aren’t badly impacted by the storms… I’m sure you are ‘hunkering down’ and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I think you’re entitled to say:


I’m sending you Angel Blessings and a loving hug over ‘the pond’ from here in Manchester, UK. Take cover from the storm and I hope you see the rainbow very soon!




19 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew

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    1. Gosh – that’s almost worse than being directly impacted – having to worry at a distance… I do sincerely wish you all well and I hope your mum and other friends and family are kept safe! I’ll be thinking about you and sending Angel Blessings with love! x

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          1. Just spoke with her and another family member that has taken shelter with her. They are fine with the exception of having no electricity.

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          2. Thank goodness! .. apart from the electricity and I’m sure that they’ve stocked up with candles but that’s no fun for them under the circumstances… I hope they are back up and running with power very soon xx

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          3. You’re very welcome.. I hope you manage to enjoy yours too – and at the least I wish you a peaceful one! And I’ll also be thinking of all those poor families in Haiti who have been so devastated.. so sad xx

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  1. Oooooh how very sweet you are.. such caring from someone in another continent..

    Thanks for your thoughts..
    I’m in Florida.. and I will be affected.. but hoping it won’t be as bad as they are assuming..

    I have faith that we will survive.. get through it.. safely

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    1. It’s pretty easy to be sweet as I sit here comfortably.. My thoughts are with you and I pray that it will cause the minimal amount of disruption possible! ‘Batten down your hatches’ (I’m sure you already have) and I’m sure you will be kept safe! x

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