Manchester Lifestyle Blogger’s thoughts following break in!

Having returned from a lovely camping trip, we were faced with the news that our house here in Manchester had been broken into whilst we were away. The police were called but didn’t feel it was worth there while coming out to investigate… say no more!!!

My family had done a brilliant job of securing the house and clearing everything up and didn’t tell us until we were on our way home so we still enjoyed our holiday….

My immediate thought on the news was:


And then I remembered my Thought For Today last week and decided that it was time to….


Why let some ‘scroats’ who decided to steal our ‘stuff’ ruin our week!

Possessions can be replaced and thankfully …..


Or maybe I should stop the ‘positive thoughts’ and stick with….




Should I Keep Smiling


Just Go With the Flow and stick with ‘Oh Bollocks’?…….

30 thoughts on “Manchester Lifestyle Blogger’s thoughts following break in!

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    1. Fab – I like the idea of the rage dance – doing it RIGHT NOW!!!! Getting it all out of my system. Yep – thanks Samantha we’re absolutely fine although hubby was non too chuffed – they got his bike AND his wedding ring!! not sure which he was most sorry about but I have a distinct feeling it’s the bike. hehe xx

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  1. Definitely calls for bollocks. Many times over, I think! Like the beginning of Four Wedding and a Funeral but a different word. Say it, think it, as many times as you want! Glad everyone is ok.

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    1. Ahhh – thanks! The air was blue but smiling again now… I was glad that we weren’t at home as that must be awful and fortunately my family had cleared up the house so it didn’t feel horrible to come back into. We had a brilliant holiday! xxx


    1. Thanks Miriam – to be honest it made me realise how lucky I am to have such a great family who all rallied round to sort things out before we got home! Yep – it makes you realise how important our families are and they certainly keep me smiling! x

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          1. I’m doing okay, thanks Wendy. Big day trip to Sale yesterday to start sorting out mum’s legal stuff. All takes time and effort but at least I have good support around me.

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