Poem: Beautiful City – will we ever move on?

I came across this poem recently written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in the late 1800’s. I understand it was written in response to the French Revolution and yet how appropriate the words still remain to the fight for equality and the ‘insanity’ that we are still seeing and experiencing over 100 years later across all of our Continents….

Will we ever move on to accept our differences and live peacefully alongside each other?


Beautiful city, the centre and crater of European confusion,
O you with your passionate shriek for the rights of an equal
How often your Re-volution has proven but E-volution
Roll’d again back on itself in the tides of a civic insanity!

Or will we continue to fight and kill each other, disregarding that we are all just humans living alongside each other, on our planet Earth, with our different cultures, faiths and beliefs, until humanity is finally destroyed…..

I hope not – what do you think?

In the light of the moon

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      1. Hi Wendy, thanks for this but I’m so so far behind in everything. I’ve just come back from a weekend trip camping, off the grid, and have a lot on my plate. But thank you for thinking of me. xo

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        1. You’re very welcome Miriam – I know what you mean though – it’s important to ‘live life’ and not let blogging take over. I hope you had a fabulous time – we’re off camping in a couple of weeks which is something we’ve not done for about 10 years so I’m really looking forward to it! x

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          1. Had a wonderful time Wendy, although the week has not started off particularly well with both my kids unwell. Hope you have a great time when you go camping in a couple of weeks … something to look forward to. xo

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        1. Hi – Feel free to decline – I’ve nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge. I really won’t be offended if you’re unable to complete the challenge and it would be brilliant if you can! x

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          1. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

            But I don’t participate in these challenges or awards. And at this point, to be honest, if I accepted yours, I would be offending so many people I have already turned down.

            Thank you for understanding. I will be looking forward to reading the quotes you select.

            Thanks for thinking of me. Have a wonderful weekend.

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