Poem: Magical Moonbeams

I'm posting this full version of a poem I posted as a 'short version' a few months ago, in support of one of our fellow bloggers who has very recently lost her mum and I apologise to those who have read the short version previously.. To all those like myself who have lost their mums: Magical Moonbeams From... Continue Reading →

Old Lovers Renew

  Old Lovers Renew Loves spine shivering fingers stroke down and anticipation spirals, as tender touch releases frown. Words first seeming final, now just a memory drifting away, as they continue to love for one more day. Loves tender touch, warms hidden gem and icy hearts melt. Intensity charges through them, forgotten words no longer... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings….

Working very long days, often without any breakfast or lunch, getting home after 9 or 10 p.m. and then eating rubbish - Does this sound familiar? Well take heed because for me it's finally happened - Having worked in this way for too long,  I've just received the news that on top of my existing high blood... Continue Reading →

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