I’ve always loved the saying: ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Travelling my life journey, I have taken thousands of steps along many different paths, to varying destinations with no guidance map. I've finally discovered the map which is leading me toward my perfect destination. What does my perfect destination look like? It’s... Continue Reading →

My learning journey..

Sometimes it's the most difficult moments in life that creates the opportunity and inspiration to do something different and sets us on a new pathway on our journey through life. One of those moments for me came after the birth of my second son in the late 1980's when I needed to start improving my income and... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Life…

I've found the Wheel of Life to be a great tool to use myself and with hypnotherapy clients over the years to quickly identify some life areas which can be improved. There are lots of examples of this tool on the web which can easily be printed off and are all very similar to the image below: How to... Continue Reading →

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