New Beginnings: Self Hosting Plunge

Yikes – I’ve done it… I’ve taken the plunge to go Self Hosted and all being well, will be transferring from to within the next week.

I’m just hoping all goes smoothly with the transfer and that I don’t lose all the great connections I’ve built up with fellow bloggers over the last year.

Just in case, it would be brilliant if you could pop into your search engine next week and subscribe on my new blog so that you received my email updates as they will no longer show on WP Reader…

It’s a bit of a scary move and I know that there were some fellow bloggers interested in doing the same thing and I’ll post on my new self hosted blog after it goes live to let you know of any pitfalls I encountered with the move.

In my research, a relative of mine put me ontoΒ who they’d used to set up their self hosted site. Pipdig will do the transfer for free if you purchase the ‘hosting site’ and the new blog layout via their links, which seems fair enough. I’ll be sure to let you know how successful this was after D-Day!

Being on has worked brilliantly for me over the last year and March was my 12 month blogging anniversary. I never expected to enjoy my journey as much as I have and that is thanks to the amazing bloggers I’ve met over the last year.

It’s time now though to raise my game and take a leap of faith. It’s worked in many other areas of my life over the last year and I’m sure this will work brilliantly too.

So – wish me luck – I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for a smooth transition. Once complete, it will be a tick off my Vision Board list as another success! (I’m thinking positive!)

Be sure to come and find me via: once the transfer takes place sometime next week… If you don’t I’m going to be veryΒ lonely!


27 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Self Hosting Plunge

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    1. Thanks so much Bella – Yes my website address will be the same as I’d already got my own domain name on the Premium package when I first set up my blog. Because of that though I’m not quite sure whether it will let me post on wordpress after the domain has been redirected or not but I will definitely put something up if it lets me. Fingers xx

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    1. Thanks Brigid. I’ll definitely post a reminder if I can. I’ll still be able to keep in touch with you though as I’ve written down some of the blogs I absolutely would hate to lose contact with so you don’t get rid of me easily Brigid! haha xx

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  1. Somehow I don’t think you’re going to be lonely Wendy. You know I’ll be there! πŸ™‚πŸ’₯ All the very best and I wish you HUGE success on this new and very exciting step. Go for it my friend. I have every confidence in you. All my love and hugs xo


  2. You can do it, Wendy! ❀ Sending you much Light and loving. Remember that Spirit is with you every step of the way. I so acknowledge you for taking your leaps of faith. It is awesome to watch you honoring your Self-expression, your vision of your heart. Blessings, Debbie

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    1. Oh fantastic and thank you so so much! I’m delighted to report that the transition to ‘self hosted’ is going smoother than I expected. I’m still making some tweaks but I’m really chuffed that I still get the ‘comments’ element of wordpress which I didn’t think I would have. Thanks for your brilliant feedback! xxx

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