Foody Friday: A Quick and Tasty Low Carb Lunch


As you know, I follow (in the main) a Low Carb diet in order to lose weight and keep my Type 2 Diabetes in remission. However, when I went to London last week for the ‘Public Speaker University’ event, I struggled to maintain the low carb diet as everything on the menu seemed to include bread, rice, pasta or potatoes.

Well in just 5 days, I put 4lb’s in weight on.. even though I was still being careful and eating minimal portions etc. I now realise that I really only have to look at these types of carbohydrates and I put weight back on!

So, having returned from London 4lb’s heavier (with a much lighter purse), I’ve been careful to get straight back into my Low Carb diet.

I find that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and even though I didn’t have much ‘salad’ in the fridge, it’s surprising what can be put together quickly and with minimal preparation when you ‘think outside the box’..

So for yesterday’s lunch, I’d cooked 2 pieces of salmon fillet the evening before (place fillets on a large piece of tin foil.. drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning – sometimes I add some herbs and then bake for 25 mins in the oven at about 200 degrees C)…

I ate one piece of salmon hot that evening, served with a tomato sauce and cauliflower rice (sorry I forgot to take a photo but it was tasty!) and saved the other (refrigerated) for lunch the following day.

Having been away, I haven’t done a proper shop and realising I didn’t have any ‘lettuce/salad’, I had to think ‘outside the box’..

I chopped up some celery into small pieces to dip into a dollop of humous, along with some chopped fresh tomatoes, carrots, red pepper and strawberries… If you haven’t tried strawberries in salad, you’re missing out on a treat!

I placed some sliced avocado between slices of the salmon, added a drizzle of balsamic dressing, served with my ‘salad type’ concoction and ‘Voila’ a treat to behold.. and devour! Yum – so tasty… The whole dish took less than 5 minutes to prepare (with the pre-cooked salmon) and oh yes…  less than 5 minutes to eat!

Yep back on my Low Carb feels and tastes Great and the good news – I’ve already lost 2 of the 4 extra pounds and I’ve been on a ‘use up what’s in the fridge/freezer’ week, so as I lose my extra pounds, my purse is regaining it’s weight!


IMG_2990 (2)




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  1. The plate looks yummy, Wendy! Yup, I agree. It is not easy to maintain the diet when you are in unfamiliar places. Even though restaurants and cafes in U.K are becoming more helpful with informations regarding nutritions, most of them don’t offer low- carb as menu, do they? We are eating low carb menu nowadays because Paul has to avoid the sugar in general. He commented recently that he didn’t feel not as hungry as pre-low carb diet.😊xx

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    1. I have to agree – I definitely don’t have those ‘swings’ that I had previously and if I do get peckish between meals, I eat a small handful of nuts instead of a biscuit. Unfortunately the hotel I stayed at (which was lovely and brilliant customer service), was stuck out in the middle of nowhere – it was in Slough and there weren’t even any local shops to nip to for lunch.. I’m back on track now though and fingers crossed I’ll be back to my start point. I’m sure me and hubby will get where we need to be in the end!. x

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      1. Paul carries a small amount of nuts with him as well. However, he can’t have nuts when he has migraine. So we are still looking for portable high protein snack without too much sugar at the moment. It is very difficult to get healthy snack in hotels, isn’t it? All they have tend to be high in refined carb and sugar like short breads or pretzels!
        BTW, can I have another adorable pics and videos of your sister’s puppies please!!!😍

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        1. I know – it is really difficult.. Oh gosh what a shame about the nuts/migraine.. My husband uses the Herbalife protein bars which he swears by.. might be worth checking out..
          I’ll pop round and do some more little videos this weekend! x

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    1. Yep the salad was very tasty… I didn’t think I’d like cauliflower rice and I don’t think I’d be keen on making my own but Aldi do one with parsley etc. and it’s actually nice.. with a ‘sauce’ like chilli etc. xx

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  2. Mmm, yum. Looks so nice. I put cut up peaches in my salad at lunch today when my sister was around (as I didn’t have any mango, which is what I usually put in) but I’ve never tried strawbs. Must give them a go. xo

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  3. This looks wonderful. I add our strawberries and raspberries to almost everything when in season…have you tried raspberries on scrambled eggs on a fresh bed of garden lettuce? Delish! Thanks for sharing. ❤

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