Cutest New Puppies….

I couldn’t resist sharing this little video clip ofย Yorkshire Terrier pups at just 3 hours old born yesterday.. ย It’s amazingย how ‘natural’ feeding and a mother’s love comes. I can’t wait to see them grow over the next few weeks… I think we’re going to be in for plenty of fun!

Doris is such a lovely mum.. very protective of her new babies! They belong to my sister so I’ll be popping round for plenty of cuddles and fun over the next few weeks.. Can’t wait to see them grow.




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    1. Mum is a mix of pale brown and white and the puppies coats will change. I think they are all born with the shiny black fur but then this changes over the next few months.. They are cute though! x

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  1. Puppies!!!!! Clever Doris – what a super little family. I won’t share this with The Bean …. she’s a diva and doesn’t like to think I might like other dogs most of all puppies in case I decide we might like to add to the family! Xx

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    1. Oh Yikes – no… we definitely can’t upset The Bean.. although these are so small you could sneak them in your bag and she may never notice.. haha! I’m on a ‘cute fest’.. soon to be ‘fun fest’… it’s amazing how quickly they grow! x

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    1. Aww I know – Doris is so lovely and protective.. She’s looking like a typical new mum – a bit dishevelled and a bit stressed.. As soon as she goes away from the pups for a few seconds, they cry and she has to dash back to them.. bless her! I’ll be posting regular updates over the next few weeks.. xx

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