Have You Found Your Ace Yet?

Life is like a pack of cards….

We are dealt our initial hand when we are born, with the parents and family we are born into and the environment/country in which we live. We are born with our ‘set’ – our genes and our core personality. Have you ever noticed even a tiny baby shows their core personality immediately they are born, with some babies being placid whilst others are feisty etc.?

There are some things in life that we can’t change, like our parentage, our genes or our ‘core’ personality and yet we can change the ‘hand’ we’ve been dealt. We can learn new skills, behaviours and add to our knowledge. We can swap our ‘cards’ and try a different one, we can play a new game or a different game altogether if we choose…

Like our pack of cards, life isn’t fixed in stone and there are infinite combinations of cards and infinite changes to the cards, that we can choose to take.

When we try different combinations of cards, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose and yet we can always keep playing the game…

Learning what cards we need in our life game is part of the challenge for us. We can stick with the ‘old’ hand of cards that isn’t helping us win life’s game – those old beliefs that we developed as children and throughout our lives, those habits and behaviours that we have learned and that aren’t benefiting or enhancing our life, or we can recognise that we need to swap one or more of our cards for a new card that fits better with our life game..

The beauty of life, is that we can constantly evolve and learn new skills and lessons in life. We were born into a ‘set of circumstances’ – some are dealt a better starting hand than others and no matter what our initial hand was – either good or bad, we can keep moving forward, keep learning new skills, recognise and change those beliefs and behaviours that aren’t serving our purpose.

We can keep swapping cards and learning new lessons until we find the ‘right’ combination of cards that helps us win our game.  There is always another card in the pack to help us find the right ‘combination’ of cards.

As we learn new skills, new behaviours and work to change our early learned beliefs, we can begin to reveal the diamonds in our pack – those cards that align to form a better ‘meld’ (a run of cards that work together).

We can choose to discard the ‘deadwood’ in our hand (those cards that simply don’t fit into our aimed for ‘run’). The ‘deadwood’ may be people that are holding you back – friendships or relationships that have run their course and no longer ‘fit’ with the direction you are travelling or the ‘run’ you are aiming for in your hand of cards..

Or the ‘deadwood’ may be those old beliefs, behaviours or habits, that you have learned and yet no longer serve the correct purpose in your life and need to be swapped for some new beliefs, new behaviours or new habits that better fit the vision of your ‘winning combination of cards’…

A card game would be pretty pointless and boring, if we had to stick with the initial ‘hand’ we were dealt and could never change any of the cards for new ones…….. Wouldn’t it?

Are you sticking with your ‘losing’ hand of cards… the hand of cards that isn’t moving you forward and helping you to achieve your ‘winning’ hand and leading you to your inner dreams?

Have you developed a ‘losing’ or ‘winning’ mentality for your game of life? Do you still think you have to ‘stick’ with those original ‘beliefs’ that no longer serve your purpose… are your ‘fears’ holding you back and blocking your opportunities?

Life is simple – we can always choose to deal ourselves a ‘new hand’… or change a few of our cards throughout the game. Even if we don’t find the card we’re looking for initially, we can swap and change, play a new game, until we find our perfect ‘meld’… and then….

Wow – the excitement of starting another whole new game in our life journey!

We always have a ‘choice’, even when we think we don’t… we can simply make the decision to swap some of our ‘cards’ or start a new game altogether…

In 2016, I recognised that my ‘current hand’ of cards simply wasn’t going to achieve my ‘vision’ for living the life of my dreams.

I refreshed my Vision Board and embarked on a journey to improve my card game, learning new skills, challenging old beliefs and changing some of my old behaviours in my hunt for the Ace in my pack.

Indeed I’ve just thrown my original ‘pack of cards’ into the air, given them a shuffle and am dealing myself a whole new hand!

How exciting my new game of cards is and I’m going to keep swapping my cards until I find the ‘meld’ that fits into my vision and helps me win my personal ‘life game’…

What cards do you need to swap in your current hand?



48 thoughts on “Have You Found Your Ace Yet?

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  1. Love this article and how you compare it with the cards in your hands. So accurate!
    Can totally relate and figured this out last year myself but never compared it to a set of cards. Like it 🙂

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    1. What’s so amazing is we often believe our path is set in stone whereas in reality just changing one of our cards can be the change we need to succeed.. Thanks for your lovely feedback which I really appreciate! Keep playing the game… x

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  2. I’m a little bit like you Wendy, throwing my cards in the air and not quite sure how they’re going to land. But it’s kind of exciting and I love the idea (even if it’s a bit daunting) that we have the ability to shape our future, at least to a degree. Wonderfully written post and I so agree with everything you’ve written here. Big hugs to you and hope the renovations are going well. xo

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    1. I thought about you too as I wrote this piece Miriam! Yep – definitely excitement and a ‘buzz’ in the air.. I’m feeling it here and spreading out across that big pool of water from Aussie to UK… We’re still up to our eyes in mess but definitely seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. My nephew in law is coming over tonight hopefully to fit some work surfaces which will mean the sink and cooker can then be fitted!!! Yee Haa… fingers and toes all tightly crossed xxxxx I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend Miriam now Doug is back home and enjoy an ‘exciting’ week ahead.. x

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      1. Glad there’s some light at the end of the tunnel Wendy. Sounds like things are well and truly moving along. Life is settled here, Doug is home and we had a lovely weekend together and enjoyed a fun night out on Saturday night. A few worries with my daughter keeping me up at night but hoping for the best. Off to bed for me soon. Hope you have a good day Wendy and good luck with all the fittings. xo

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        1. That’s definitely teenage girls for you Miriam.. My sister who lives next door had 6 children – 5 girls and 1 boy so although I’ve only got lads, I’ve had plenty of sleepless nights with my nieces over the years… Good job I love’em! x

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          1. Ah, so you know their trials and tribulations and angst … especially when it comes to issues of the heart. And other things. Mind you, I don’t think we ever stop worrying about our kids, no matter their age or gender. Hugs xo

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          2. Oh yes Miriam.. I’ve seen most things over the years! You’re right – we never do stop worrying… and then along come grandchildren to worry about too! haha .. hugs returned xx

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          3. Well as always Miri, it’s the opposite here. I’ve just made hubby a ‘cup of tea’ in bed before he sets off to work and it is FREEZING!! Heating and fires all on!! Brrrrrr.. Enjoy your meal – I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait to be able to do some ‘proper cooking’.. the camping stove is wearing thin! x

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          4. Oh, I bet it is! I can only imagine that you’re getting mighty tired of not having proper cooking facilities. But hang in there Wendy, it won’t be like this forever. Big warm hugs to you on your frosty morning. I’m relaxing now after dinner and the air conditioning is on. xo

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          5. haha Miriam – just after I sent that message it started snowing.. lasted for about half an hour and covered the ground but it’s already disappeared and I’m now looking out on clear bright (but cold) blue skies with heating on full! x

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  3. What a lovely way to describe life’s challenges and a way to see our future: that we do have control to a degree. We can always move forward and try to be positive. Or, we can wallow in the negative. Lovely, my friend. ❤

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  4. This is awesome! I would swap the card of self-punishment, and of needing to believe everything I think!

    My spiritual mentor John-Roger has a great quote,
    “There is the Game of Life and the Game of Love. Most people are playing the Game of Life, trying to make life work. Life already works. How we bring loving into it is the big key. That’s playing the Game of Love, and it’s by far the bigger game.”

    You reminded me of this — you have a lot of wisdom, Wendy! Love and hugs xo

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    1. Oooo I love that quote.. The Game of Love.. what a much nicer world we’d be living in if we all played that game! How wise your mentor is! Thank you for your lovely words Debbie – what a fab way to start my day! x

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  5. Comparing life to the pack of card is quote an impressive idea. I had never thought like this before but every word written here made me to think. Enjoyed it a lot and finds it quite informative.
    Hope you will enjoy reading my post too. Will glad to have your feedback

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