How To Ignore The ‘Nay Sayers’ In Your Life!

It’s amazing where Perseverance gets you… Could you honestly resist fussing Dolly?

When she wants something, she uses every trick in her little book to get it and she doesn’t stop trying until I give in and Yep she wins every time…

When I started out on my blogging journey 11 months ago, I set myself a goal to get to Page 1 on the Google Search for Manchester Lifestyle Blogger.

I’ve enjoyed my journey, learning new skills, meeting amazing bloggers and learning so much about the wider world, different communities and cultures etc.

However, there have been people in my life who just couldn’t understand why I would spend time blogging. They give me those disparaging looks and belittling comments…

Do you recognise the times when you’ve been pursuing a goal or a dream and someone in your life offers their ‘advice’ and put a wet blanket on your vision? I bet you’ve come across them too haven’t you?….. Those people who give you the disbelieving looks or comments: “What’s all this time your wasting blogging when you should be working” or “Why would you want to do that?”  “You’ll never do it” “You’re wasting your time”

I’ve had this with different ambitions over the years and have often given up on my dream as a result. Well not this time..

I’ve finally realised that those ‘nay sayers’ are really just fearful of any change in their own lives. They don’t want their own ‘comfort zones’ disrupting so try to put me off. If I move forward maybe they feel they are being left behind….

I should add here that this isn’t my lovely hubby, as he is definitely the wind beneath my wings.. I’m lucky as he is supportive of even my most hair brained schemes… well nearly always.. sometimes to both our detriments .. (haha – remind me to tell you the story of dragging him to the middle of nowhere in Turkey one day.. that was definitely an ‘oops’ “why did you let me do this moment!!”.. Did you notice the shift of blame from myself to hubby there?)

This time, I’ve taken a leaf out of Dolly’s ‘perseverance book’ – she never gives up and continues with perseverance and determination, trying new ways when one of her methods doesn’t achieve the result she wants. 

So this time, despite those disparaging looks, I’ve continued enjoying my blogging journey and over the last 11 months, I’ve gradually climbed up through the pages from a Google ranking of nowhere, up to page 2.

However, for the last couple of months I seemed to get ‘stuck’, slipping between page 2 and page 3 on the Google Search and although I was pleased to have got to Page 2, it fell short of my goal.

I don’t know why it was important to me to achieve the goal of ranking on page 1 of the Google Search for Manchester Lifestyle Blogger – I think it’s because for the first time in a long time, I was doing something just for me and discovering my inner creativity, which  had been locked away for a very long time. My ambition to reach Page 1, felt like the proof I needed for myself, to show me that with perseverance and regardless of those people who didn’t ‘approve’, that I wasn’t wasting my time.

Dolly is my inspiration and whilst I won’t be ‘begging’ anytime soon, I will keep persevering and driving forward to achieve all my goals and I will never again be put off or dragged back by those ‘nay sayers’…

Today I’m proud of myself and I’m blowing a very big raspberry to those naysayers…

I’ve achieved one of my goals… “Yee Haa!!!”

Yes there I am number 2 on PAGE 1 on the Google Search earlier tonight. I don’t know how long I’ll be on page 1, but for now I’m proud and I’ll keep persevering so that I can try and stay there!

I’ve got no clue whatsoever about how I ended up here on Page 1 or what made the difference in the Search Engine algorithms .. but I’m delighted non the less…

It’s a goal I can tick off my list and I’m definitely NOT giving up with pursuing my other blogging goals anytime soon… Self Hosting here I come.. (well for now I’m still researching, but not for much longer.. I’ll be taking action!)


So when you come across the ‘nay sayers’ who are dragging you back to their comfort zone… maybe it’s time to take a leaf out of Dolly’s book and keep pursuing what you want and blow your ‘nay sayers’ a raspberry instead!

Keep persevering, moving forward toward your goal, one step at a time and with determination, despite what people say!

Never give up on your dreams, they’re worth pursuing and with some added perseverance, they are achievable…..



64 thoughts on “How To Ignore The ‘Nay Sayers’ In Your Life!

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    1. Thanks so much Maria.. It’s been proof to myself that I can achieve what I set out to.. If I persevere! Your support is very much appreciated – thank you x


    1. Thank you Shannon – it certainly has and proves to me that I can do what I set out to do if I just keep going and break through my self imposed barriers! x


  1. Good post Wendy! And so true. There’s always people trying to hold (you) back as some fear change. They in turn perhaps don’t know they are like that but you can find strength to move on regardless. And change is often growth. Especially with kitchens hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Thanks Mr P… I’ve definitely experienced this recently. My eyes have been opened and now it’s a case of keep moving – onward and upward! I’ve been in the ‘painting shower cap’ this morning… painting the ceiling – I think I got more on me than on the ceiling! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Osyth.. Yep – my eyes have been opened.. Onward and upward and fun times ahead.. I intend to keep blowing those raspberries!! I’m glad you found a message in there for yourself too! x

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  2. Way to go, Wendy! That is wonderful you achieved one of your blogging goals. I think you have a fabulous presence here keep it up! You’ve inspired me in many ways and your spirit is just contagious! I’m going to look into this for myself and see what I can come up with as it was nothing I had thought of before (google page). Have you changed your blogs theme before? Wondering if it is a challenge or pretty easy? Wishing you well X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s lovely Victoria – thank you so much! To think that I’ve inspired you when you are such a lovely caring person who is in touch with humanity, is worth more to me than money could buy…
      I have changed my blog theme once.. I’m on the WordPress Premium Plan and when I changed it was relatively straight forward… There were a few tweaks but nothing much.. Go for it Victoria!! Sending you a big hug of encouragement… xxx

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  3. This is brilliant, I’m so happy for you! You deserve the fame!
    Now let me quote you:
    “I’ve finally realised that those ‘nay sayers’ are really just fearful of any change in their own lives. They don’t want their own ‘comfort zones’ disrupting so try to put me off. If I move forward maybe they feel they are being left behind….”
    You know that toxic friend I mentioned a little while ago? Well, it’s about our diet change. My husband keeps explaining to her (I mean, it’s been over four years now) that some food just messes up his health. Yet every single time she comes to our house she tries to entice him to eat things he shouldn’t . We finally figured out that she sees her own health issues but is scared to get out of her comfort zone: she couldn’t say no to bread, cheese and wine as my husband has had to.
    Reading your post makes me feel better. Thank you!

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    1. Hey – there’s no fame Joelle and I think I’m back on page 2 again but that few minutes of being on page 1 still counts as achieving my goal..I’m glad I screen shot the evidence as it may never happen again… the wonders of Google algorythms remains a mystery! haha!
      With regard the ‘nay sayer’ in your life.. you’re absolutely right.. it is her own fears that initiate her behaviour…. and the changes your hubby has made highlight her own insecurities.. I’m so glad my post has helped highlight why this was happening for you.. Have a brilliant week Joelle.. xx

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  4. Wendy, that is absolutely awesome but do you know what, since getting to know you, I’m not surprised. You’re one tenacious, determined woman and when you set your sights on something you go for it! I just love that about you. Congrats my friend. So wonderful and you should be very proud. And Dolly is certainly a delightful inspiration. 😊xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww – thanks Miriam – You are so lovely! I think it’s because I’ve started to discover ‘my passions’ Miri.. I’ve gone through life saying ‘I’m not creative’ because I felt I wasn’t compared to my sister who is immensely creative.. What I’m realising is that my creativity is there but in a different form… and yes.. when Dolly wants something – either food (as you can tell from her rotund belly..) or a fuss, she simply uses ‘every trick’ in the book and doesn’t give up – definitely what we both need to do Miriam! x

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      1. Oh yes, Dolly can most definitely teach us a trick or two! I’m so glad that you’re finally unearthed and recognised your creativity Wendy. We have such a tendency to compare ourselves to others but I think that with age comes wisdom and the realisation that we all have our unique gifts. How wonderful! xo

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Absolutely Miriam! Hey – new kitchen has just arrived… now there’s not an inch of space to move downstairs… may as well go back to bed! haha – only kidding xx

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Yikes… just hope it looks good when its done! Mind you – it couldn’t look worse so I’m guaranteed it’s going to be a massive improvement.. Feel a bit nervous now though! x

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Thank you my dear. This Cinderella has woken up with a slightly heavy head. But Sunday is looking lovely and sunny outside so off to do a bit of gardening while Prince Charming has taken himself off for a swim. Hope you’re enjoying peaceful dreams. xo

            Liked by 1 person

          4. I slept like a log Miriam.. for the first time in a while to be honest – I suspect I was snoring pretty loudly – certainly not a ‘Cinderella’ look that’s for sure!! I’m not sure my ‘Prince Charming’ was impressed! haha.. Your day sounds as though it was going to be a lovely one and I hope you enjoyed it.. we’re back to kitchen today (obviously).. It’s taken some shape – still no hot water or cooking but the base units are up! Have a lovely evening with your Prince Charming xx


    1. Aww – thanks Vicki.. I’ve been a bit negligent on my blog this last few weeks as we try and get our DIY kitchen disaster ‘on track’.. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon and thanks so much for hanging in there and being patient and for your lovely feedback which is very much appreciated! x

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