Beauty Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb

My sister and I attended the Power To Achieve 3 day event in London last weekend and on arrival at Euston station, I couldn’t resist popping into Boots for a little mooch…. Has anyone ever gone into Boots or Superdrug and NOT bought something?Β My basket fills up very quickly as I spot the different ‘anti ageing’ lotions and potions, which usually cost a fortune…..

So, when I spotted this Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb, reduced to just 99 pence, clearly 2 packs had to be purchased. One for me and one for my sister….. At 56 (me) and 60+ (sis) we need all the help we can get! The ‘Pears Soap’ is definitely no longer adequate as we ‘prepare to be beautiful’.. haha – Who’s old enough to remember the Pears Soap Adverts?… I still love the scent of that soap!


This is the best look ever….. NOT!


I couldn’t understand why it just kept sliding off my face….. until my sister told me that I should peel of the top layer to leave just the ’tissue’ layer behind… What would I do without my older sister for guidance….. As you can see below, once the top layer is removed, it’s possible to smooth the tissue layer down onto the skin for that real ‘moisture boost’…..


We left the mask on for about 20 mins while we sipped a glass of wine… (obviously!)… and had a good old ‘chin wag’ as they say here in Manchester. It’s surprising that although we actually live next door to each other, time alone to catch up on aΒ proper conversation is rare and it was lovely to have that time and space to sit and talk…..


Then mask off and wow – our faces did feel incredibly smooth and silky and the moisturised effect lasted for the next few days. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more of these ‘moisture bombs’…

I know I should’ve taken an ‘after’ photo but sadly we were so busy chatting that I completely forgot!

Here’s a ‘no makeup’ next morning shot though…


I think our skin looks pretty ‘glowing’ once the makeup is applied… what do you think?


40 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb

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    1. Great minds think alike! I’m definitely going to get some more of those as my face felt really hydrated for a few days afterwards.. Glad you liked it too! xx


    1. Thanks Debbie – I really appreciate and love your feedback! It’s cold and dull here in Manchester but not much rain.. Sounds like the perfect weekend to get away and enjoy your wonderful spiritual coaching.. Have an amazing time! Much love Wendy xx

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  1. Hey Wendy, you both look fabulous. I bet it felt good. On Friday my (older) sister finally had her gift massage that I bought her last year. But instead of a one hour massage she swapped it and had a half hour massage and a full facial instead. Another parallel. 😏 Amazing hey? xo

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    1. Wow Miriam.. how bizarre… there we go again – clearly a case of ‘great minds think alike’!! I bet your sister really enjoyed that – there’s definitely something very relaxing about having somebody else do the facial.. it takes it to the next level! xx

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      1. It sure does Wendy and she loved it. She was positively glowing when we walked in my front door. Yes, definitely ‘great minds think alike’. We’re often on the same wavelength aren’t we? Which reminds me, I owe you an email (have just woken up here). Hope you’re well and enjoying the weekend, xo

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        1. Oh how lovely those rare and shared sister experiences are Miriam as we rush through our lives.. precious!
          No rush… just when you get a moment.. The weekend here consists of camping out in the house with our camping stove.. eating off paper plates as I’ve got no sink and chewing on plaster dust… haha … but apart from that – a great weekend.. My gorgeous granddaughters slept over last night and they always add some ‘brilliance’ to my weekend! and… the devastation means progress is being made.. I’m not quite at the point of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ but maybe there’s a little crack waiting for some light to poke through! Have a brilliant day xx

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          1. Haha your indoor camping sounds like perfect material for a blog post if you ask me. Seriously though, don’t you think this sort of stuff brings you back to the basics. Makes you realise how lucky we really are and how much we take for granted. You’ll be so grateful when that new kitchen goes in. Enjoy the camping in the meantime. I’m sure your granddaughters are spreading their bit of joy around the place. xo

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          2. Hey – great shout – I’ll take some pictures tomorrow! You’re right though- by the time the kitchen goes in I will definitely appreciate it more I’m sure than if it had all be planned and perfect… We’re still laughing and that’s the main thing.. although I’m not sure i’ll be laughing tomorrow with the ‘trickle’ of ‘freezing’ cold water that’s coming out of the shower.. now that’s a video that could go viral .. me dancing in and out of freezing cold water.. although anybody in my house who filmed it would be ‘dead meat’!!! xx

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          3. Brrr, I got shivers just reading that. Freezing water, no thanks! Maybe skip the shower tomorrow Wendy and put on some extra deodorant for the day! 😏 Keep laughing and have fun. xo

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          4. Yes well sadly that was the answer today Miri so tomorrow I’ve got to ‘face that shower’… or …. nip round to my sisters.. that seems like a much better idea! x

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          5. Yep – I think I’ll be doing just that Miriam.. gone are the days where I ‘camped’ as a kid on sites with only a bucket and cold water to wash our hair in and ‘standing’ washes no showers… There’s ‘roughing it’ and ‘ROUGHING IT’ and whilst it’s probably good for my soul.. I’m just too nesh – I like camping on sites with a shower block and a decent shower… I’ll be off to sister’s with my shower cap! For now though I’m off to bed.. night night! x

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          6. Oh Wendy, you’re just like me! As much as I love all my camping there are some things a girl just can’t do without. At least not for a long period of time. Sleep well, dream of a new sleek kitchen and wake to your sister’s waiting shower. G’night xo

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          7. Thanks Miriam.. Well we’re getting there very slowly but stepping in the right direction.. We’ve got hot water – no sink but at least I can now have a shower at home! Yee Haa… I’m shattered ..early night tonight I think.. Have a lovely day! xx

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