Manchester Lifestyle Blogger Sees Red!

With Valentine’s night fast approaching, if you’re planning a ‘romantic evening’,  how about wearing some red to match the enormous bunch of red roses your other half will be presenting you with… shame my hubby doesn’t read my blog…

(Actually that’s not true, it’s a very good job he doesn’t read it, otherwise I think he’d be filing divorce papers!)

I’ll be digging out this fab red jumpsuit that I bought last year from Kaleidoscope – I do love it, particularly teemed with some gold stiletto shoes and some ‘red lippy’ … How Do You Like My New Red Lipstick?

If you don’t want to spend too much time cooking on Valentine’s night … it being the night of ‘romance’ and all that, you could try my recipe for the tastiest stuffed ‘red’ peppers… they are so easy to make and yet tangy and tasty!  Recipe: 5 Steps to Tastiest Stuffed Peppers


All you need now is a glass of Champagne and maybe some of the delicious Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake for Desert…


Romance is in the air……

Well – if I’m honest there’ll be no romance this weekend as I’m off to London for a weekend of inspiration at the Andy Harrington ‘Power To Achieve’ Event and I’m feeling a tiny bit guilty leaving hubby behind to face the devastation from our DIY Disaster! Have You Ever Had A DIY Disaster?

Well….. if I’m REALLY honest… I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty – just VERY excited for my weekend of positivity!

I think I’d better go back and re- read the post I did on ‘Enduring Love’…8 ways to help develop enduring love… poor hubby has to be very ‘enduring’ living with me!… It’s a good job it was Love at first sight never ending.. !


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