How Vision Boarding Has Once Again Worked It’s Magic….

Yee Haa… only a few more hours to go until the start of a 3 day long weekend of Positive Inspiration at the Andy Harrington ‘Power To Achieve Event’.. I’m Soooo excited!!


img_0959I set off early afternoon and have now arrived at the London Metropolitan Hilton Hotel which I was reliably informed by the taxi driver en route from Euston Station, is the largest hotel in London … and I suspect he is right – gosh the hotel stretches virtually down a full road and although I’ve yet to venture up there, the restaurant on the 23rd floor boasts amazing views across the City.. (I suspect some photo’s will be taken and will appear on my blog next week….)

I’ve talked previously about the magic of the Law of Attraction and I’m putting this trip down to my Vision Board..

I’d added onto my board a few weeks ago that I’d love to see Anthony Robbins or attend a motivational seminar. The very next day, when I opened up my Facebook page, the first post I saw was an advert post by Andy Carrington offering a free Public Speaking training seminar in Manchester. As it was in my ‘home City’, I decided that it was an opportunity too good to miss. I was right – it was a great event and I was blown away by the amount of great information that Andy provided ‘free’ to the attendees, pre, during and post event. This included a free book and some audio downloads which are packed with great information on ‘Turning Passion Into Profit’..

However, you could have knocked me down with a feather when Andy Harrington offered  the attendees an opportunity to attend a further 3 day FREE Motivational Event i.e. Power To Achieve.

I had absolutely no hesitation in booking my place as fast as I could and I’ve been counting down the days ever since.

Although Andy isn’t Tony Robbins – he is Andy Harrington and is an amazing speaker. He’s even presented on the same stage as Tony Robbins and tells an amazing story of how attending a Tony Robbins seminar himself, changed the direction of his life..

I’m pretty satisfied that I’ve been given an amazing opportunity as a result of my Vision Board…The Law Of Attraction and my Vision Board have once again worked their magic and provided me with pretty much exactly what I’d asked for – to attend a great Motivational Event… and here I am counting down… only a few more hours to go!

It doesn’t end there though…

As I travelled down on the train to London earlier today, I also had a further ‘lightbulb’ moment in which I realised that my Vision Board had indeed provided a way to achieve my longed for ‘new kitchen’….  although not quite in the way I’d expected!

If you’ve read my post: Have You Ever Had A DIY Disaster? you’ll know that my cheap ‘kitchen makeover’ was a disaster… and the upshot is that it’s not possible to rescue it and therefore we now have no choice other than to replace the whole kitchen!

Now I can’t go into the detail but suffice it to say that a new kitchen will be arriving within the next couple of weeks, at a significantly reduced and affordable cost and made possible as a result of a very unexpected gesture..

As you may have read on a previous post How I created my first Vision Board Magic, my experience has often been that something slightly ‘disastrous’ happens which feels pretty ‘bad’ at the time and yet leads to the achievement of the ‘vision’ on the board..

I would encourage you all to create your Vision Board and then to recognise when the magic is working… and of course be careful what you wish for – it may just happen!  

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32 thoughts on “How Vision Boarding Has Once Again Worked It’s Magic….

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  1. Yay Wendy! I hope you have a wonderful time. And so many congrats on the kitchen. I really hear you about the blessings coming in the least expected ways sometimes. And ultimately they are all blessings ❤ Working on this learning! Lots of love … excited for you and all involved.

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    1. Thanks Debbie – sorry for the delayed response.. I’m in London on the 3 day ‘inspiration’ weekend. We’re being filled with motivation to change and the days have been very long but really inspiring.. Last day tomorrow and I’ll be returning home a ‘new woman’ hopefully! Much love and I’ll be catching up on my blog reading next week so will pop across soon for a catch up! Much love xxx

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  2. How exciting! I LOVE, LOVE when things come together like that. The feeling is indescribable (and trust me, it recently tried to describe it to someone! But the reason I wanted to respond is because Monday I was dealing with a pretty epic letdown. I applied for my dream job, got through the second round and was cut after the video interview. I was upset, so I started re-reading, “Think And Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill and this quote hit me like a ton of bricks:

    “That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping in the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize opportunity.” And while yours misfortune turned out as a full kitchen makeover, I believe mine was the realization that I need to put my focus back on my blog – what I love. I didn’t get the job, but it’s an opportunity to do what I SHOULD have been doing all along. (Yes, it was on my vision board too!)

    Life is fun! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! I hope you enjoyed your event, made it to the 23rd floor, and I can’t wait to see your kitchen!

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    1. Thanks so much Alicia – what a lovely comment to read this evening after a wonderfully inspiring day. Although it was hard not getting your ‘dream job’, you’re right.. it wasn’t meant to be because something much better is coming along instead! We’re going up to the 23rd floor tomorrow as our day didn’t finish until 22:15. I’ll be doing some proper blog catch ups when I return from London but in the meantime…. Dream Big.. your dreams are waiting…xxx

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  3. Yes, I should make my own vision board! I will definitely do it soon. Even though I can’t spend too much time in one go as I have another commitment, I shall make an effort to create “me” time and do what I really want to do this year. Thank you for the inspiration, Wendy! xx

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    1. It doesn’t need to take too long.. you can start off with just one ‘vision’ /picture and then add to it as and when you think about something else… I wouldn’t be without mine! It really works as it opens your eyes up to opportunities that otherwise would pass you by unobserved! Enjoy xxx

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    1. Thanks so much Karen… I’m so glad you liked this post.. I’m in London for this very inspirational weekend and will have a good catch up and pop over to your blog next week.. Much appreciated and I’m glad I was able to pass on a little bit of inspiration to you too! xx

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    1. Aww – thanks Sumith – it means a lot to me that you enjoy my posts… Watch this space for some posts about the amazing ‘inspiration packed’ weekend in London… I’ve been truly inspired! x

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  4. Wendy, this is so, so awesome. Your vision boarding is definitely working for you, I’m so excited for you and happy that you’ll soon have a new kitchen as well. You know today, I put a huge photo of a new kitchen on my vision board too. We’ll see what happens!! Look forward to a proper catch up soon. Hugs my lovely friend. xo

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    1. Oh Brigid… my poor blog and blogging friends have been neglected over the last few days.. I’m so sorry! I’m back on track and will be posting some detail about my amazing weekend tomorrow.. As a sneak preview… It was just … WOW!… but crikey… incredibly long days – we didn’t finish until 10 p.m. each night so when I got back very late on Sunday night I was absolutely exhausted and it’s taken me until tonight to recover.. Thanks for your patience and this space tomorrow. I can’t wait now to recount some of the inspiring messages I picked up… xxx

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    1. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed my vision boarding posts.. I love the thought that my vision board posts have helped people along their visioning journeys – Imagine how wonderful it will be when everyone shares more of their stories of success as a result…. I can’t wait!

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