Are You Missing Out?

As you rush through your life, are you missing out?

Is it time to Press the Pause Button so you can listen to your heart and make sure you’re not missing out on the beauty and happiness that’s right under your nose!

We are constantly seeking the elusive ‘happiness’ and often we think that ‘making more money’ is the most important thing we can do. I was reminded this morning when reading Samantha Murdoch’s great blog post about the value of words and which reminded me of a quote that I often heard both my mum and my granddad (her dad) use:

“Make Knowledge Not Money Your Goal In Life As Knowledge Brings You Wealth…”

Check out Samantha’s post here – it’s a great read..

Words have such value and meaning and reading Samantha’s post, I had a ‘lightbulb moment’.. My mum (as did Samantha’s), taught me to read before I started school.. At the age of 4, I was able to read the bible which was became a ‘party trick’ for mum’s guests to witness..

What I hadn’t really thought about until today was what a wonderful lesson and gift I’d been given by my mum… the gift of reading.

Books were my ‘friends’ as I grew up and I remain an avid reader… I love the ‘knowledge’ I am able to gain from reading books, blog posts, articles, magazines, all of which, expand my horizons and lead me down new pathways.

My mum also loved walking and as children, we were regularly taken on walks through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, where she would stop along our route to point out the bark on a wonderful tree or the way the stone walls had been created.. She’d stop and look at the ‘detail’ as well as the ‘bigger picture’. When I’m out with my sons and granddaughters, I hear myself repeating her words: “Oh look at that beautiful tree” or “can you see the rabbit in that cloud?”…..  and my sons laughingly remind me that “You sound just like Nanna”

I realised today, that with the inspiration from my mum, I was given the gift of ‘knowledge’ and a ‘love of nature’ and I’m therefore a millionaire, with a wealth of beauty to enjoy and lessons to continue learning… What VALUABLE gifts these were and continue to be and hopefully now spread through future generations of our family… Thanks Mum!!

As we rush through each day, we’re often ‘so busy’ achieving targets, setting goals and objectives, thinking about all the things that we need to do for work or at home, that we forget to simply “Stop and Smell The Roses” and to remember what we already have in our lives to enjoy:

  • Precious moments shared with family and friends
  • The wonder of nature that surrounds us all
  • The opportunities to learn

When we stop and take a moment to breathe deeply, it’s surprising what messages we receive in those moments of quiet contemplation, when we press the ‘pause’ button on our rushed lives and take time out to listen to our heart.

As I walked with my husband through the lovely grounds of The Greenway Hotel on our recent Spa break, I enjoyed the ‘big picture’ – the sight of the frosty grass, the trees and hills in the background, but here’s the beauty in nature that I would’ve missed if I hadn’t stopped for a moment and taken a closer look at the ‘detail’ and to gain more knowledge and ‘learn more’ about my new Canon G7X mark ii camera…

I went through a period in my life where I was so focussed on ‘meeting work deadlines and targets’, that I forgot the importance of the lessons my mum had taught me and in my quest to ‘achieve’, I missed opportunities to spend quality time with my family and friends and to enjoy the ‘little things’ in life..

Receiving the diagnosis of Diabetes, gave me the jolt I needed to re-focus my life on what’s really important and to ensure that I now press the ‘pause’ button regularly, to enjoy the precious moments that can so easily be missed and to listen to what my heart is telling me and that’s there within my grasp…

It’s surprising how we sometimes ignore a message until it punches us in our stomach… and yet those ‘hard hitting’ messages are the ones that make us stop in our tracks and take stock.. You can read about my journey with Diabetes here… How to be Positive about a ‘Positive Diabetes Diagnosis!

Happiness is there right under our noses if we just take a moment to enjoy some of the simple things, to continue learning and to Stop and Smell The Roses!

Press the Pause Button for a moment… You don’t have to wait for the punch…



33 thoughts on “Are You Missing Out?

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  1. Thank you for the mention and lovely post too 🙂
    It’s so easy to be sidetracked by day to day life that you forget to look at the little things and just be happy that they are there 🙂 xx

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    1. Thanks for inspiring some good memories for me Samantha and a realisation about some of the gifts that were passed on by my mum.. who wasn’t always the easiest person to live with.. Thanks again xx

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  2. What a beautiful post Wendy and one I can absolutely relate to. It’s clear your mum left you with some of the most wonderful gifts, the gift of appreciation of nature and the amazing, eye opening gift of reading. For me as a child absolutely nothing excited me more than the gift of a new book! Big hugs to you and hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. xo

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    1. Thanks Miriam.. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this as such a valuable gift from my mum until today.. Me too with the books – they really were my childhood friends and took me to many far away places..
      We’ve had a busy day sorting out as we’re going to do a ‘cheap makeover’ of our kitchen.. I’ll take some photo’s for a blog post obviously! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is waiting… it could be a disaster but hey ho.. it’s worth a try!
      I’m going to make tea and then ‘catch up’ on my emails.. I’m looking forward to reading yours Miriam.. Speak soon! xx

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      1. Oh, a “cheap makeover” of your kitchen sounds just what I need! How is it that we always seem to be on the same wavelength? 😏We just had a new cook top installed (after all our plumbing disasters a week ago) and I’m still trying to reorganise my kitchen. Look forward to reading all about yours Wendy. Have fun! 😊 xo

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    1. Thanks so much Debbie.. its a shame we don’t always realise how much we’ve learned while they are around.. my mum very sadly passed away 3 years ago.. she was a very strong character and not always easy to live with but I now see the wisdom in her words more so than when she was alive…and I appreciate how many great values she instilled in us too.. (I’ve got 2 sisters).. The library was one of my mum’s favourite places to go and we went there often… I’m glad you appreciate the learning and trips to the library with your mum too Debbie! Love and hugs xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment too! I’ve tried to click on the link back to your blog and it says your site is no longer available. It shows as – has it changed?

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  3. Love reading your blog. Thanks for letting me know about the link. I have changed it now. As for my blog … not much activity there but I post now and then.

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    1. Thanks so much I really appreciate you taking time out to pop over to read my blog and I’m so glad you enjoy it! I’ll pop over ‘now and then’ then! haha .. I’m glad you managed to sort the link too! x


  4. What a lovely post Wendy, very thought provoking. I could relate to so much. I too have slowed down after a cancer diagnosis. Our bodies definitely send us the messages we need to allow us to heal and recover. We all need to make time to listen and to self care. For me this has been meditation and making time to do the things I enjoy, being mindful and starting my blog. Your photographs are really beautiful and capture exactly what you say about taking the time to notice the treasures we all have around us. I look forward to reading more of your posts xxx

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    1. Thanks so much for taking time out to read my blog. I truly hope you are recovering from your cancer diagnosis.. that really is one of life’s ‘lemons’… You’re so right about the importance of listening to our bodies and our ‘inner voice’ and like you, although not so ‘critical’ with the diabetes diagnosis, I have ‘pressed pause’ to re evaluate how I live each day and starting my blog last year has been a lovely experience and I’ve come into contact with lovely and positive people… I’m ‘practicing’ as a beginner photographer, so I’m delighted that you enjoyed my photo’s too.. I look forward to popping over to your blog very shortly too! Thank you and I send you Angel Blessings.. xx


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