Foody Friday: Raspberry and Chocolate Tray Bake – Great Bake for Kids..

Full of the winter cold that’s going around, my granddaughter has been off school for a couple of days, which led to an unexpected mid week sleepover at Nanny’s house and the obligatory “Can we do some baking Nanny?”…

As it happened, I had all the ingredients in for the recipe on the back of the flour bag Raspberry and White Chocolate Tray Bake ….

and it worked brilliantly, although I did have a bit of a disaster getting it out of the baking tray – being impatient on this occasion was not a virtue as I should definitely have let it cool for a bit longer!

My granddaughter took control – I’m sure she’ll be on The Great British Bake Off very soon.. I was delegated to the Chef’s Assistant..

This tray bake works great as a cake (yes I admit it… Diabetes low carb diet didn’t quite work out today… I couldn’t resist the temptation of tasting a very tiny piece!!!) but it would also work amazingly as a ‘comfort pud’ with fresh double cream or Madagascan vanilla custard. In fact, it’s a good job I didn’t have any cream or custard in the fridge or the ‘diet damage’ would have been even worse!






  • Pre heat the oven – Gas Mark 4 or as above for electric.. Also grease the baking tray and put to one side…

2) & 3)  Cream together the sugar and butter and gradually add the beaten egg..


“Can we taste it yet Nanny?”

4) Mix in the flour and then stir in the frozen raspberries and chocolate pieces

“Go on then.. just a little piece of chocolate” – it is pretty irresistible… “no not for Nanny – I can’t have chocolate” – Type 2 Diabetes!… ughhhh this is purgatory I think I’ve turned into a masochist!

5) Spoon the mixture into the greased baking tin.. OMG – it smells like Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream… and according to my granddaughter, it tastes like it too….

Cook for:

img_2439 Then allow to cool for longer than I did before trying to get it out of the baking tin!

A few cracks but it feels lovely and warm…



“How long till I can have some Nanny?” Hence… impatience to get it out onto the cooling rack!

img_2464  I wonder what happened to the corner of that cake? Maybe a little mouse came in while we were waiting for it to cool….

“It’s Yummy Nanny”

2 hours later…. Yep – It’s Yummy!!

Nanny couldn’t resist just a little piece… Don’t tell!

46 thoughts on “Foody Friday: Raspberry and Chocolate Tray Bake – Great Bake for Kids..

Add yours

    1. Thanks Ellie – it was VERY tasty… too tasty when I’m supposed to be on ‘low carb’ diet! oops…
      I know – she’s such a little character and I’m always guaranteed to laugh when she’s around! x

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha – that’s the problem – on the inside is too much FAT!! Do you think the ‘real raspberries count as ‘healthy’…. that was my theory anyway! Have a brilliant day Mr P.. xx


          1. Well go to the gym every other day and run your socks off; this way you can eat what you want. Real raspberries are healthy but everything has got calories except water. You have a good day too Wendy; enjoy your full English breakfast lol 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Ughhh that sounds positively horrible Mr P – If I was masochistic baking the cake, you’re being sadistic with the ‘exercise’ suggestion!! .haha (actually though you’re right – I need to ‘up the exercise’ so thanks for being ‘sadistic’ with your suggestion!)… Poached egg – practicing for the perfect poached egg competition .. for breakfast! x


          3. I need someone to give me a good kick up the not so small backside Mr P – feel free to keep sticking the boot in as eventually it may kick me into enjoying exercise! Chicken menstruation.. now that sounds ‘interesting’.. I’m en route to view.. haha – you always make me laugh Mr P so you’re a fun sadist and that’s ok with me! x

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Although I shouldn’t be able to say this… IT WAS! Yikes.. only 1 piece though and the rest will be going back to my granddaughter’s house today as I definitely wouldn’t last the day without another piece! Have a great day xx


        1. I always keep some in my bag when I have a cough like that as I suddenly get a ‘dry spot’ on my throat and then can’t stop coughing.. the Jakeman sweets always help.. I’m glad they’re helping you too.. although they don’t taste very nice at first, you will get used to the flavour.. x

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I succumbed – just couldn’t resist the temptation.. but – whereas previously I would have probably had at least 2 pieces, I managed to stick to one small piece and then sent the rest home with the kids… phew!

      Liked by 1 person

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