Travel Review: Wonderful Spa Break – Part 2 – Enjoy Life’s Imperfections

On Day 2 of our mini break, after a delicious ‘full monty’ breakfast, it was off to Cheltenham for some ‘sight seeing’… but first – HOW do they get poached eggs to be SO PERFECT? We have a competition running in our family to see who can cook the best poached egg and after many attempts, I thought I was doing pretty well, until I saw these…. Does anybody know how to get them so perfectly formed and if so – PLEASE tell me the secret!!!

There was a time when my eggs would just shred to smithereens in the pan of water.. I’ve now mastered the art of keeping them in one piece so hopefully one day I will cook one as perfect as these.. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (or a few cracked eggs)…..

Cheltenham was only a short drive from the hotel and we managed to park easily in the centre of the Town. One of the benefits of travelling ‘up’ to the top of a multi storey car park, is the opportunity to look ‘down’ on the world, from a different angle.

So often we keep our gaze fixed to the ground, without looking up to take in the wonderful architecture that is such a wonderful part of the UK Heritage… It never ceases to amaze me how lucky we are to have such wonderful buildings around us and sometimes we need to change our view, to change our perception…

We so often look for ‘perfection’ and think that ‘perfect’ is what we should aim for and I’ve certainly wasted lots of time and effort in the past aiming for ‘perfection’…. thankfully, I now see beauty in the ‘not so perfect’ and enjoy looking ‘beyond’ the norm or blogging a ‘not so perfect’ post or photograph.

I have my moments of ‘insecurity’ when things don’t look ‘perfect’ and then I think ‘hey ho, Let’s Go’ because I’m sick of waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ or the ‘perfect photo’ or the ‘perfect blog post’ when the world isn’t ‘perfect’ and I certainly never will be and thankfully now don’t want to be (fat chance anyway.. haha).. so why wait, when it just means less time to ‘live and love life in the moment’! Enjoy living life ‘imperfectly’ and you may be surprised at what ‘joy’ you find…

And then again……. having said all that….. Cheltenham is ‘pretty perfect’ when it comes to wonderful buildings viewed looking up from ground level….

And although there are lots of ‘classic British’ features, the Town also has a Continental feel to it, with the sculptures and tree lined avenues running through the shopping areas. I loved the mix and range of shops too… I’m sick and tired of the same old ‘chain’ shops which make every Town or City feel the same… but in Cheltenham, mixed in with the ‘chain stores’ were some lovely Art Galleries, quirky gift shops and individual clothing boutiques…


It’s probably just as well that more Towns are following in Cheltenham’s footsteps or we’d all be ‘broke’…

Oh go on… here’s the ‘uncensored’ version….. Yep we’re still amused by ‘nudity’!

Aching feet after all the walking and back to the hotel to enjoy the wonderful Spa facilities and a luxury Espa Facial treatment… Pure indulgence and total relaxation…..

Being honest, the facial was ‘good’ but at £69 (I didn’t admit that cost to hubby…), I thought it could have been better… The leaflet promised an assessment of my skin type but I didn’t really get this as the therapist simply asked me what type of skin I have and which areas I wanted her to work on.

Maybe I was expecting perfection and all my wrinkles to disappear for that price… probably unrealistic expectations thus leading to slight disappointed – the wrinkles are definitely here to stay!

Oh and obviously a SPA review has to contain a bit of ‘nudity’ (well not quite…)….

The Spa pool, sauna and steam rooms… were absolutely lovely and although I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the ‘hydrotherapy pool’ as I didn’t think the other hotel guests would appreciate being photographed, I did sneak a quick couple of ‘not so perfect’ photo’s and videos (censored… haha) in the sauna and hot tub…


Part 3…. You’ll have to wait for the ‘uncensored’ videos in Part 3 .. WARNING though… only watch if you like ‘horror movies’!!

So – the moral of today’s post:

If you EXPECT perfection, you’re likely to spend a lifetime seeking and never finding it… or being constantly disappointed. Enjoy the imperfections of life!



Part 3 To Follow…….

42 thoughts on “Travel Review: Wonderful Spa Break – Part 2 – Enjoy Life’s Imperfections

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    1. Thanks Samantha – we absolutely loved the hotel and the area.. It was a magical few days! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I’m just about getting to grips with the new laptop so will be on some major catch up reads and will be popping across to you very shortly! xxx

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  1. OK, Wendy, how did you know that I needed this right now re: the imperfection? God, I’m really working that one right now, and I’m getting that the joy can come in by letting go and being not all together. Sounds like this is a great trip for you – yay! And great photos of you and your husband. Blessings, Debbie 🙂

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    1. Brilliant Debbie – It took me YEARS to realise that ‘imperfect’ is actually ‘perfect’! Lots of wasted opportunities thinking I wasn’t good enough only to watch someone else do it – not as well as I would have done it! It’s such a valuable lesson and I’m so glad I learned it in the end and am making the most of my ‘imperfections’ now! Glad you liked the photo’s too! Very much appreciated Debbie and I’m glad you’re learning this lesson too.. life is much fuller and easier once you do let go… Blessings and a hug to you my friend xx

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  2. Yes, I agree with you 100% about trying too hard to be (or to do) perfect. We should always do our best, however, it shouldn’t stop us from doing something because the standard we impose upon ourselves is too high. If I were a too much of perfectionist, I won’t be able to do anything in public! No blogging and hiding away in my home.
    I haven’t been to Cheltenham yet. Your post made me want to visit the city very much in near future 😙xx

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    1. Absolutely true.. I spent years thinking I had to do things ‘perfectly’ or not at all.. I’m glad I’ve learned the lesson that ‘imperfect’ is ‘perfect’ enough! I loved Cheltenham and I hope you get to visit soon.. xx

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    1. Thanks so much Lidia.. I bought a new camera last year and am still ‘learning’ so most of these were just in the ‘auto’ setting so it’s great to get positive feedback on the photo’s! Much appreciated xx


  3. So fun! You hubby looks cold in all pictures but the sauna. Poor guy! I have indeed learned to live my life far from reaching a level of perfection… “good enough” is my motto. So what 69pounds or euros? for a fascial. You are worth it! Even if it wasn’t perfect. -Kim

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    1. Yep – it was bitterly cold outside.. I’m going to add some lovely ‘frosty’ pics in part 3 shortly.. You’re so right.. why do I feel guilty about £69.. I’m throwing guilt in the bin right now!! Thankyou!!! xxx

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  4. Looks like you had a fabulous time. One of my favorite phrases is “perfectly imperfect.” Love to remind myself of this when I’m shooting for the (sometimes) out of reach stars. Great post. ❤

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    1. Thanks Karen.. I spent years trying to ‘be perfect’ until the penny eventually dropped.. Imperfect is a much better place to be! So glad you enjoyed the post.. Have a brilliant weekend and lets never stop shooting for those stars! xx

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  5. Hahaha! Had to show the photos to my own hubby, especially the “no-so-perfect” one of the statue! I’m not sure you needed to have a facial done, you look so radiant, Wendy!
    Thank you for all the sharing, I remember a wonderful college class I once had on English architecture. Houses (rooftops included) tell so much if you take the time to look properly.
    P-S: currently re-reading Northanger Abbey. Ever been to Bath?

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    1. Brilliant Joelle – I’m so glad you enjoyed and appreciated this post! Hey – the radiance was ‘after’ the facial – so maybe it did really help! I love Northanger Abbey and yes I went to Bath a few years ago but only for 1 day and it’s on our list to re-visit because it really is spectacular! I’ll do a post when we do re-visit… Thanks for having a good old read with your hubby! x

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  6. Me and poached eggs just don’t go together! What a great read Wendy, definitely put a smile on my face as I pictured you both having such a great time. You know something, I gave up looking for perfection a long time ago although I must admit sometimes I’m disappointed when some thing is promised and/or doesn’t live up to my expectations. But generally, I’ll accept the imperfect. So glad you had such a lovely time away. We all need a break sometimes to recharge and rejuvenate. Look forward to part 3 … Hugs xo

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    1. Awww – thanks Miriam.. Poached eggs – I really like them which is just as well on the ‘low carb’ diet as there always a stop gap when I can’t think of anything else but the strawberry smoothie is a great alternative – Enjoy! x

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        1. Well … giving in to my competitive nature, I have made some pretty good ones recently as we have a ‘family competition’ going to see who can produce the ‘perfect’ poached egg… I’m winning so far. However…occasionally it just disintegrates into stringy pieces in the water… None of them have been as perfect as that one at The Greenway though.. they’ve definitely mastered the art! x

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