Does The Law of Attraction Work?

As many of you will already know, I’m a great believer in The Law of Attraction and the positive power of Vision Boarding, as you will have see in previous posts that I’ve written (I’ll add links to previous posts about this at the end of this post).


Well for me, the answer is most definitely YES!!!

I updated my Vision Board for 2017, to include:

  • moving to a ‘self-hosted’ blog
  • to growing my blog presence and followers to 2000+
  • to become a recognised over 50’s Lifestyle Blogger
  • to develop and improve my presentation skills to enable me to become a brilliant public speaker
  • …. and lots more goals too

Well, 13 days into 2017 and I’m already seeing successes appear out of the blue.

  • I received some great tips from my ‘fellow bloggers’ about the pro’s & con’s of going self hosted and then my son’s girlfriend out of the blue said… “Hey Wendy, I saw your blog about self hosting and I’ll give you the name of the person who helped me move to self hosted”… I was surprised that she’d even read my blog as she is a very experienced blogger who ranks top most of the time on a google search for Manchester Lifestyle Bloggers… So ‘self hosting’ is now moving in a positive direction.. it’s certainly ‘on the cards’ for 2017…

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of my Facebook friends had posted a link to Andrew Carrington’s Free Book: Turn Your Passion Into Profit. I clicked the link and within 3 days, a fabulous new book was delivered to me which I’m now reading.. It’s great and although I’m not sure the hard copy version is still available free, you can certainly access this as a Free Audio Book, which I can highly recommend, as it’s packed with really useful ideas, tips and information…

However, my good fortune doesn’t stop there… Yesterday, I recorded a VLOG at my new ‘Blog/Vlog station that I created in December. However, on watching it back last night, I decided it wasn’t ‘good enough’ for me to post as it doesn’t meet my new vision for professional looking/sounding VLOG’s.

You may be relieved to know that I won’t be posting it, although I’m going to keep it as an illustration in future on ‘How Not To VLOG’ !!!… Oh go on then… you deserve a laugh.. here’s a few seconds of my ‘Vlog Disaster’….

You may wonder why I refer to this as ‘Good Fortune’, and i’ts pretty obvious why I’m telling you I wasn’t satisfied with it.. The quality of the video was poor. I thought I’d ‘screened’ out of shot all the coats dumped by my hubby onto the ‘daybed’ in my dual purpose room because we’ve moved onto decorating the main bedroom. The Video came out with a horrible ‘yellow tinge’ and I sound like…. well no other name for it – an absolute ‘twerp’…

You can now empathise with me when I say I need to do some ‘self development’….

So here’s where the ‘good fortune’/Law Of Attraction, come into play….

Having watched the VLOG back last night, I popped over to my Facebook page this morning. The first Facebook post at the top of my home page was another link from Andy Harrington….

This time it’s an offer of Free Training on guess what……… PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! I could easily have missed or ignored the link as I’ve hardly been over to Facebook in the last few weeks and yet there it was… I clicked the link and …..

The training is just next week – 17th January and it’s IN MANCHESTER!!! Yee Haaaaa.

You guessed it, I’m now booked on to what I just know is going to be an amazing training day in Manchester. I’m delighted and excited and looking forward to lots of positive energy and inspiration coming my way… Here’s the link if anybody else here in the UK is interested in attending (and I’m not affiliated in any way.. )

So for me, my Vision Board is already reaping rewards and opening my eyes up to new opportunities that otherwise may always have stayed in my visual ‘black spots’ but have now been drawn very much to centre focus!

As I scrolled down my Facebook page, just a few seconds later, I came across a Jack Canfield link about How to create a Vision Board.. If you haven’t read my previous posts on this, check them out below:

How to Create a Dream Vision Board

How I created my first Vision Board Magic

As you will hear from Jack, like myself, he also recommends creating more than one board, which I call a ‘Focus Board’ and which I wrote about in my post 5 Steps to Create Your ‘Focus’ Vision Board

If you’re working on or thinking about creating your own vision board, in addition to reading my posts (obviously.. haha), this is a great video clip from Jack detailing some of the keys to creating a magical Vision Board for 2017..

I can recommend listening to Jack’s video link below and I wish you a Magical 2017 where your dreams truly do come true! Watch this space as one of these days, I’ll be posting my own ‘Inspirational and Professional Looking VLOG’! …… (just don’t hold your breath though…)

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  1. Great post and i am inspired.. i half created a vision board in powerpoint. In your 3 blogs post you shared, one can see it working… so inspired i am ..just gotta dream a little higher and create. Thanks Wendy..big thank you

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          1. Oh it does and I’m really pleased about that because there are often times when I’m writing a post that it would be great to reference in someone else’s posts in there too. Now I know, I’ll use it myself – much appreciated xx

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          2. I probably have on my ‘blog’ email but to be honest Bella it gets that clogged up with emails I don’t check it often… I use the other one I gave you for the prize draw for anything important as I miss loads on the brilliance within one.. x

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  2. Me again… i think i have also recd from LOA but in away that i repeat it as affirmation..i got a 3 day week part time job in the career path i started almost after uni and the thing is i am not bored of it.. it still excites me. And part time allows me to be there for mum volunteer stuff.. and just not have crazy busy life ..which i loved but … i just changed so much in two years on not working. I dont want full time work.

    I hope this weekend i get a vision board done.

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    1. Brilliant Bella – it sounds like you’re on a great journey that fits into your life at the moment. I’ve been off work for the last 10 months but have a BIG decision to make as to whether I return or not.. I think part-time works brilliantly to give some income and yet be able to spend time ‘being there’ for your mum.. I wish you much enjoyment creating your vision board.. I love doing mine! x

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    1. haha – thanks Bella.. yep I need to keep practicing so I can see where I’m going wrong and then hopefully the free training on Tuesday will give me lots of tips to put into practice too! I’m really looking forward to the time when I can put a video together that I’m proud of! x

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  3. Fantastic Wendy. I’m so happy for you. Yes The Law of Attraction really works. I remember years ago I culled all my old job letters/applications/rejection letters/old cards etc. completely got rid of the old and changing the energy. The very next day I got a phone call with a new job offer! That was a long time ago but I still remember it. Thanks for this awesome post and for once again inspiring me. I can’t wait to see where this year goes for you. xo

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    1. Thanks Miriam.. yes it’s strange how when I put it into practice it does always work and yet somehow I drift off and forget to do it and have to re-inspire myself. I can definitely feel a stir of excitement though now as I’m starting to write down my plans etc. and I’m excited to see where your vision board leads you too Miriam! Happy dreams my lovely friend! xx

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      1. I’m not surprised you feel excited and that only grows and feeds itself which has to be a good thing. My board is getting there but still a bit lacking. Why does it feel incomplete I’m asking myself lately. Still some soul searching to do. x

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        1. I think the secret there Miriam is not to think it’s got to be ‘complete’… I think of mine as ‘evolving’ and I just add into it as and when something else comes up. I refresh it each year – sometimes I cut last years pictures out and put them onto the new board if it’s something I’m still working through and then I add new things whenever something pops up that I hadn’t thought of previously. It’s a ‘moving story’… it will evolve and at the right time, you will see something that’s waiting in the wings for you to discover… Enjoy starting to plan some of the things you’ve got on your board.. move to the Focus Board for some of those and you may discover what currently feels like the ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’… xx

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          1. You’re so right Wendy, our lives, thoughts, feelings and inspirations are constantly changing so I guess it’s only natural it feels incomplete. New thoughts and ideas keep popping into my head all the time but I’ll do as you suggested. It feels as though I’m on the right path anyway. Need more quiet time to get back into it, hopefully next week. Thanks Wendy for the support. xo

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          2. Brilliant.. we’re ‘evolving’ and will probably always be ‘work in progress’ so it’s natural that our Vision Boards will be the same.. As we learn new things about ourselves we can reach further into the darker corners of our mind and shed some light on them with new knowledge and understanding that we’ve collected on our discovery path… I think your definitely on the ‘right path’ and it’s ‘one step at a time’… ‘support… that’s what friends are for and I feel the same in return.. ‘ xx


    1. Hi – I’m so sorry for the delayed response… I just found your comment in my Spam folder.. The wonders of WordPress!
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post and it’s great to hear you’ve also made a Vision Board – May your dreams come true! xx

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    1. Fantastic Reya! Have a look at my posts on creating a Dream Vision Board and then a Focus Vision Board to help get you started. I love it.. it’s very strange how it does work.. sometimes you have to experience some discomfort to get to the ultimate ‘vision’.. Good luck!


    1. Fab – I checked out your youtube video and it’s great – I subscribed to your channel. I’ve not done much on YouTube yet but will be doing more over the coming months! The vision boards are fabulous – I can definitely recommend.. There are a few posts about how to do a ‘dream board’ how to make a ‘focus vision board’ etc.. if you want some more information about how to start. Good luck x

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  4. Hi Wendy! I, am a LOA neophyte, myself, and I just started a blog on my spiritual journey (let me just say, it’s been CRAZY thus far, but in an awesome, amazing way!). I see from your blog that you have a strong interest in LOA, and I just wanted to pop in and give a wave. I’ve followed you (and I’m not a ‘follow for follow’ type, I’ll actually be reading!). Now, I don’t want you to feel obligated to follow me in return, I’m certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d love it if you swung by for a visit sometime!


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    1. I absolutely love and believe in LOA. It works – sometimes in very unexpected ways and sometimes it puts me through intense ‘discomfort’ but I’m now at a point where I recognise that this has to be the case to give me the kick in the right direction and open my mind to what’s right under my nose! I’m delighted you popped across and I’m looking forward to sharing stories, ideas and inspiration! x

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      1. Isn’t it funny sometimes, the things that end up being ‘right under our nose’? To me, that’s the entire point of LOA… to expose how our brains, when allowed to simply coast along on cruise control, don’t always work in our best interest… that we need to train it to ‘hunt’ properly.
        It’s a fascinating journey, that’s for sure!

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  5. Thrilled to hear you achieving so many great results Wendy. I find lots of blogs give advice but not specific results – which I certainly need to build my own self-belief. Well done you on all you’re achieving and the difference you’re making to your followers!

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    1. Aww – thanks Paula -I’m delighted by your comment – how lovely and what a great way to start my day.. I’m ‘attracting’ lots of great people into my life! Hopefully together we can increase ‘positive vibrations’ around the world! x

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  6. I wanted to say thank you. I’ve been learning about the law of attraction for a while now. I have had some small successes so far. I’ve read a few of your posts and found them really inspiring and useful. I’ve not been blogging long and am still coming to grips with finding the right theme, getting my blog noticed and gaining a following. I’m definitely going to create a vision board after reading your posts! xx

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    1. Fantastic – I’m delighted that I’ve been able to inspire you to create your Vision Board.. it’s definitely a brilliant thing to do! Good luck with your blog – I’ll pop across shortly, it takes time so keep going – I found the first few months were slow going and then I started to make some great blogging friends and the momentum began to increase.. xx

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  7. Hi Wendy, its so true about how we can take control by simply believing we can do and be anything we dream to. I started doing vision boards to get me through some difficult times and found that it was the drive that gave me back my life. I included positive affirmations for me to say and beautiful images to inspire me. I used mine daily and change it as i change my life. It also help me move home and become a happy healthy person, with a happy family now. I think if you Truly Believe in yourself and feel you are already where you want to be it will happen. Love and Blessings Violet xxx

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    1. Hi Violet – it sounds like your vision boarding really did help you make the massive shifts you needed to make – how amazing! I add ‘positive messages’ as well as inspiring pictures on mine too.. xxx


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