What’s Your Life Mantra for 2017?

Victoria from https://victorialise.com/ recently wrote a beautiful comment on one of my posts in which she said my blog would continue to:

“Blossom with Brilliance”

I love that phrase – it captures what I hope my Vision Board can help me to focus on and achieve this year and is going to be my ‘mantra for my blogging journey throughout 2017’…

I started my blogging journey in March 2016 after taking a break from work to focus on my health following a diagnosis of Diabetes.. (read my journey so far … How to be Positive about a ‘Positive Diabetes Diagnosis! When I started out, I knew nothing about the ‘blogosphere’ but wow what a journey it has turned out to be.

I’ve made some wonderful connections and learned so much about the wider world through the blog posts and photographs from some wonderful bloggers who inspire me to continue my blogging journey…

However, the phrase ‘Blossom With Brilliance’ also reflects my general LIFE VISION too. I believe that 2017 is going to be filled with new experiences as I continue to peel away the ‘protective’ layers and open those petals to hopefully ‘Blossom With Brilliance’ and reveal my personal ‘Brilliance Within’… https://brilliancewithin.com/2016/04/28/reveal-brilliance-within/

I’m therefore going to use this as my ‘Life Mantra’ for 2017 as a reminder to keep working on overcoming my fears and taking on new challenges so that the petals keep peeling back and I can live a life aligned to my core values…


What’s your Life Mantra for 2017? I’d love to know and ‘be inspired’..








51 thoughts on “What’s Your Life Mantra for 2017?

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  1. Beautiful post Wendy and loved your lines Blossom with Brilliance, too good and it is good to be all the time positive and not to live in fear. Fear is all in the mind. My mantra is Life Loves U and live by it and make others Happy. Loved the pics. too.


        1. As my mum used to tell me Bella… “if at first you don’t succeed, try try try again”. Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all….Well done for persevering and I believe you’ll definitely get there in the end! xx

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  2. My focus has been in gratitude for the last 3 years. It is an act of cultivation as well as the vision for my life. I seek to be grateful for something, even if it is just for hot running water, or indoor plumbing. 😊
    Cheers to Blossoming with Brilliance.

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    1. That’s such a lovely way to think Wendy.. So often we take the basic things in our lifes for granted.. until we don’t have them and then we truly appreciate how important and valuable they are.. I’ll take that tip on board and think about those things with gratitude too! Much appreciated xx

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  3. What a wonderful mantra …. I have many because I am an indecisive and terribly discursive girl but the one I will share with you here is ‘you can if you will’ … its served me well in recent years not just for myself but for my babies too 😊 xx

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  4. Stay on course. That’s been it for me since I did my Whole30 and went Paleo. Sometimes it’s easy, while other times, it is not. Just last night, a dark chocolate bar was staring me in the face for a few hours. I stared back, sometimes really just wanting to eat it, but in the end, I won. It’s still there, set to fight me again later today. But I will win again. I’ve been winning for the past fifteen months, and I’m not about to give in to a chocolate bar. lol.

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    1. Keeping focus is so important… although I have to admit I’ve not been quite as good as you as I have submitted to the very odd and very dark chocolate bar… You’ve got a great mantra there Mr PM… Well done you for resisting – I’m inspired! x

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  5. I love this idea and the comments you’ve received. We’ve all faced hardships, and while this may sound a bit negative, I have been trying to keep the following thought close by: You can become bitter, or better. It’s like that chocolate bar up there…I refuse to let past slights best me. 🙂

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    1. Oh Karen – I love that ‘bitter or better’…. I’m hoping that after the meeting I’ve got to have with work tomorrow that I’ll be feeling ‘better not bitter’ and I’ll be keeping this one in mind! Very much appreciated and good for you – Love it!x


  6. This year mine is “Stay focused, stay sparkly.” I hate that feeling of losing my sparkle and once I lose focus on one aspect of life is like a domino affect on the whole of my life. So this year I’m going to stay focused, keep going and stay sparkly.

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    1. Staying focussed and sparkling – Wow – I love it! You’re so right – the domino effect is a killer once it starts so well done you for keeping those dominos upright! And of course.. a bit of sparkle is a must if you’re revealing your ‘Brilliance Within’! xx

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  7. What a brilliant mantra for the year ahead Wendy. I have such a wonderful feeling for you. For me it’s all a work in progress as I get my head around forging a new purpose and direction. I made some great inroads into my vision board today but still feel like there’s something’s missing. Can’t quite put my finger on it but I’ll get there. And I’ll find my mantra. Hugs my friend xo

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    1. You can borrow my new mantra.. Blossom With Brilliance.. When the bud first comes out the petals are wrapped tightly to protect the beauty within.. As you unwrap each petal, you’ll be closer to finding that missing picture on your Vision Board… Hey – I’m definitely ‘work in progress’ haha! So glad your enjoying creating your new Vision Board and don’t forget to pop it somewhere where you look at it each day! Hugs returned with love x

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      1. Thanks Wendy. Oh how I loved that description of blossoming with brilliance… unwrapping those petals, mm that’s how I’m feeling lately but it’s oh so tentative. Thank you my lovely friend, my board making has been fraught with distractions. xo

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          1. I really think it is … I can feel it. Something’s missing but I’m not rushing it it pushing it. I figure it will come and unfold, as you said, one petal at s time. Thanks for the encouragement and support Wendy. xo

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          2. You’re welcome Miriam.. I can feel it in ‘my waters’ as my grandma used to say.. the brilliance inside is just waiting for the right time to reveal itself.. X

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    1. Awwww – thanks so much Victoria.. You are such a lovely person – honest and with beautiful values that shine from your blog. I’m so pleased to have met you and thank you for giving me this lovely mantra that I will be looking at daily!! Much love and sending you a big hug! xx


    1. Oh love that one – and I love hanging out with you! ‘Be’… yep that’s so simple yet so lovely! It’s not my new blog but I did change the header for the new year.. New start with new colours… xx

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    1. How lovely – what a beautiful comment which has sprinkled a little magical sparkle on my evening! Thankyou and it’s lovely to meet you too. I just feel so privileged to meet some amazing and talented people through my blogging journey .. You are one I’m proud to meet! x

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    1. Well that’s a brilliant Mantra for yourself and the world Sumith.. Let’s keep hoping and sending out positive ripples .. you never know where they may land to make a difference.. xx

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  8. A wonderful 2017 mantra – impossible to say without shining with joy! Today, reading another blog, I have adopted TODAY as my one word resolution. So often rushing in thoughts about future project, things to be done or worrying about past events, this suits me perfectly to see TODAY as gift, present! 😃

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