Thought for Today…

Spread a little bit of magic and happiness in the World weΒ live in today and set off a positive ripple.. you never know what shore that ripple may land on and the difference it may make to someone you know or the world that we live in.

We remember the people who touch our lives in a very positive or negative way. I want to beΒ remembered for having a positive impact on someone’s life and so today I’m going to:

Spread a little bit of magic dust with whoever I meet face to face today.. It may be an unexpected hug or a smile, which cost nothing but can have a big impact..

Can you spread some ‘sparkle’ to someone you meet today? Let me know if you do by leaving me a comment below.. I’d truly love to hear about the positive ripple you start today…




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    1. Well I look forward to being ‘sparkled’ via your blog! I hope you’re feeling better very soon.. We’ve been passing germs between the family all over Xmas too! “Tis the season”.. to be merry and catch colds! Take care of yourself xx

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          1. Now you’ll laugh.. I was reading your comment without my glasses on and read it as .. “I made 2 big posts on it..” so popped across but couldn’t see any ‘posts’ on it.. no wonder – it was pots not posts! I think I’m getting ‘blog obsessed’ haha!.. Take care and glad those ‘pots’ are helping! x

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        1. FANTASTIC – so we’ve both made each other smile and sparkle today… We stretched out across ‘the pond’ and our energies met half way that’s for sure.. spreading a brilliant ripple! xx

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  1. So inspirational and important, Wendy. Caring for one another is a key to my life. Thanks for sharing about it.

    Today, I made a conscious effort to smile at people and have that smile show up in my eyes.

    Thanks for helping me be more aware of that. Hugs! Debbie

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    1. How wonderful! Thanks so much Debbie.. I’m sure the sparkle shone from your eyes and you may never know just what a difference that made to someone’s day! Big hugs returned with love xx … oh and a smile of course! x

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  2. πŸ‘Œ Wendy! This is a brilliant proposal to form ripples when we meet. Yes you said it right of shall be remembered.
    Now I start with YOU only.
    Having met for the first time in 2017 I am so glad having to meet you, I now whistle, can you hear me. Wait I created ripples in the air, it may take some time to reach you.
    Great Wendy keep the zeal ON, OK!

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    1. Haha!!! I hear you Shiva and it’s a ‘magical’ tune which I love.. whistle often my friend. Now I’m sending a big smile and a hug back across the water my friend. The whistle has brought a little happy tear to my eye so can you see my ‘sparkle’? I wish you a truly magical 2017 Shiva and look forward to continuing our journey and I’ll continue to set off the ripples to your shore my friend.. xx


      1. Wendy! This made my Heart blossom and through that my eyes got wet. What a beautiful connection of the heart and the eyes. It’s so magical that is why we love it. I am holding your smile in both my palms joined together and the vibrations of your hug.
        I only hope your wishes for me for 2017 come true.
        Oh please continue too set off those ripples there by ripples from my side shall reach.

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        1. Hi Shiva – I’m so sorry I missed this comment.. what a truly beautiful comment it is and how special that we can connect and make our ‘heart’s blossom’ – that’s so beautiful! I’ll definitely keep those ripples moving across the water and I’m still hearing your whistling in the wind.. Thank you my friend for a special connection… Just to explain.. I’ve had a shortage of time this week with some work issues and next week will be the same … just in case I miss anything else, please accept my apologies and I know you’ll understand.. I feel your dreams for 2017 will come true… x

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          1. Wendy I definitely understand, no hassles and you need not worry. I only thought if it had gone into your spam.
            Yes its a wonderful connection and an opportunity for us.
            The ripples sent have reached, it is such a positive feeling to have been receiving the ripples. My whistle has touched your heart that is the reason you πŸ‘‚ hear itπŸ˜ƒ.
            Thanks for wishes for 2017 and really I need them as some very important things should happen to me; just on my personal note.

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  3. This is a lovely post! The funny part is I’m listening to Morrissey right now (I lerve him!) and as I’m reading, it’s become abundantly clear you’re from Manchester. What a coincidence! lol I read his autobiography and his descriptions of 70’s Manchester were interesting. I’m sure things have changed quite a bit since then. But I digress. Happy New Year!

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    1. Between us bloggers we could end up with a very ‘sparkly’ world – how lovely would that be… xx Hey – I think my Guardian Angel sprinkled some magic moondust in my direction last night.. Had a terrible day preparing for the ‘big work meeting’ – completely stressed out to a ridiculous extent. When I got in bed last night I sent a little prayer to the Angels asking them to help me be calm today.. I woke up as calm as a millpond… no hint of nerves… The meeting went as well as could be expected.. Definitely magic in the air! x

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      1. Oh, I’m so so happy to hear that Wendy, I was actually thinking about you, hoping the meeting all went well. Yes.the Angels were listening. Here’s to more sprinkle dust and magic, makes life so much more beautiful. Hugs to you sweet lady xo

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    1. Ahhhh – thanks Sumith… When I get to the number of comments on your blog then I may think I’ve achieved something amazing.. You should be very proud! I love my blog and hope I can grow it like you have one day… xx

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