How To Party In Style On New Year’s Eve

Tonight is the Party Night of the Year and age is definitely no barrier to getting the glad rags on ready to Rock that Party!

Whether your partying at home, going round to a friends house party or going out on the Town, it’s all about ‘THE BLING’!


Adding a glitzy top or scarf over a pair of jeans with some high boots or shoes is ideal for a casual house party. Adding a great coat to arrive in is always good as First Impressions Count!

As it’s New Year’s Eve, why not step it up a gear?

This red jump suit with the ‘lace effect’ adds to the party look and just adding some blingy jewellery and a cream jacket just adds that bit of extra glam for New Year’s Eve!

But for the Hollywood Glamour Party Night and sticking with red, I like to go all out with the ‘sequins’…

Yes – that’s me in the middle in a ‘blonde’ moment! haha.. with my gorgeous sister and niece… ready to party in Liverpool! (that was some night!)

And if you’re planning a night on the Dance Floor, the ‘Fringe’ gives this little Navy Blue Number just ‘swings’!


Great shoes and a snazzy bag can transform that ‘little black dress’ too..



Long earrings, glitzy bracelets or a bold necklace also add that extra ‘sparkle’ for New Year’s Eve. I think this is the one night of the year that you can really go for it big time with the glitz!


For me.. some ‘bold’ Red lipstick is hard to beat to add a bit of ‘Hollywood Glamour’ to my New Year’s Eve party look! Remember.. flash those ‘pearly whites’ as a great smile puts everyone in the party mood!

Most of all – HAVE FUN! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and ‘glam up’ even if like me, you end up ‘partying at home’ to look after the grandchildren!

23 thoughts on “How To Party In Style On New Year’s Eve

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    1. Haha – thanks Debbie… I hope you manage a ‘twirl’ and even if you don’t feel up to dancing.. put your ‘glad rags’ on as the say here in Manchester! Much love to you Debbie! xx


    1. Thanks Karen… It’s a party of me, hubby and my 2 granddaughters tonight. My son got married to Jen 2 years ago on New Years Eve (they’ve lived together for years and finally tied the knot!) so tonight is their Anniversary Celebration and after the year they’ve had with Jen’s op etc. they definitely deserve a great night out to Nanny to the babysitting rescue! xx


    1. Synchronicity Bella – we’ve just been reading each other’s posts at the same time! .. Thankyou – yes most of those were taken by my niece and a couple by my sister.. I appreciate your lovely feedback and also wish you the VERY best for 2017 too! I’ll definitely see you next year! x

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