Manchester Blogger Ends Xmas Advent Giveaway with a BIG HUG and a Get Together

Earlier today, I revealed the 3 lucky winners of the Xmas Advent Calendar Prize Draw and I thought a ‘brilliant’ way to end this little Brilliance Within Tradition would be to have a ‘Group Hug’.. you know me and ‘hugs’ by now – I love them!

So for all the lovely friends I’ve met along my journey, here’s an opportunity to ‘get together’ and share the love.. I’ve added links to all the commenters websites (sorry to those who’ve commented and haven’t got a website and I send you all a BIG HUG instead!)…

There are some fabulous blogs here so please take some time to pop across and visit each other and share some positive vibes as we enter what I hope is going to be an amazing year! I hope I haven’t missed anyone who commented on the Christmas Giveaway Advent Posts off the list… If I have it’s down to ‘human error’ so be ‘forgiving’ and just let me know and I’ll add you onto the list as an ‘edit’…

I hope this helps you to enjoy some great reads of new blogs over the Xmas Holiday!

Obviously the 3 LUCKY WINNERS will be entering the New Year ‘Wrinkle Free’ and ‘spotless’ with all the lovely creams and potions they’ll be receiving. Check out the video to see if you are one of the winners… Manchester Lifestyle Blogger’s Xmas Giveaway: Winners Revealed!

I’m hoping I don’t get penalised for adding in too many links but ‘hey ho’ I like to live dangerously occasionally!

Here are the ‘commenters’ of my Xmas Giveaway Posts who were included in the Prize Draw and I hope this leads you to some great blogs …            ( Be wowed with ‘food art’ )     (Check out Brigid’s newly released book too!)                     (Some amazing stories & photo’s – insight into Australia)     Victoria was my first blog follower… and she has a wonderful way of highlighting some very important issues..              (A brilliant campsite that we’ve stayed at & can recommend!)

Thanks again to all those who have followed my blog over the last 9 months and I wish you a wonderful journey through 2017!

Thanks also for inspiring me with your insights into life across the World, great food, great advice, amazing photography, poems and crafts as this has expanded my life immensely!







24 thoughts on “Manchester Blogger Ends Xmas Advent Giveaway with a BIG HUG and a Get Together

Add yours

    1. Thank you and you are very welcome! Thanks so much for following and commenting on my blog.. It’s been lovely to share my first year of blogging with you! I wish you a magical 2017 xx

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    1. I’m so sorry for the delayed response and I will pop over for a visit. For some reason, WordPress sent this comment to my spam box which I haven’t checked for a few days! May your dreams for 2017 come true! x

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    1. Awwww – how lovely Sumith.. your spreading the magic and you must have sent me your great vibe too as I’ve just been writing and posting a blog and put a link to your page. Now I’ve just seen all your lovely comments so we were thinking about each other – how lovely! x

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