Xmas Giveaway: Day 22


With only 3 more days to go, it’s time to wind down and get ready to enjoy a magical Xmas.. and Who Knows… You may be the LUCKY WINNER of my new annual Xmas ‘blogging tradition’.

Only 3 more chances to be included in the Xmas Day Draw, by Following and Commenting… Good Luck!

All that’s left now is to WRAP all the presents and TIDY the house which now looks like a bomb has hit it….(hey hohoho!) … Maybe I need to take a trip over to Pamela’s site to inspire me to clear some clutter…. https://beeorganizedwithpamela.com/


However, more important than anything, is that I’ve had a MAGICAL December with my 2 lovely granddaughters which started with our trip to see Santa at the Trafford Centre here in the UK, way back in November.. (if you haven’t already seen it, have a peep at the video of our trip.. follow the link.. How To Enjoy Santa’s Grotto Experience at ‘intu Trafford Centre’, Manchester – From A Child’s Perspective…)

Then came the magical School Xmas Nativity and Carol Services which definitely bought tears to my eye…. so adorable!

My sister is pretty magical herself and I’m fortunate that she lives next door to me and we are therefore able to share lots of precious family moments. Last night was no exception when we held a lovely Elf Party.. a magical little tea party for the youngsters in our family.

For me, if the house stays like a bomb site – so what!!! (sorry Pamela.. I’ll be better in the New Year I promise..haha) Xmas is a time to ENJOY spending magical times with family and friends and creating magical memories and that’s going to be my main priority over the next few days!

I’m therefore going to take a leaf out of my dog Dolly’s book and ‘CHILLAX’ so that I can enjoy another MAGICAL Xmas Day! I hope you’re able to take a leaf out of Dolly’s book too…


So now for Day 22 Xmas Giveaway BIG REVEAL….


Well to go with the 2 lovely Xmas Cranberry Nail varnishes earlier in this giveaway, here we have a lovely little Crystal Nail File that you can easily pop into your bag to make sure your nails stay in ‘tip top’ shape! (Unlike mine at this moment in time…)

Do you think if I give this away, I may end up with decent nails in 2017?



22 thoughts on “Xmas Giveaway: Day 22

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  1. Dolly definitely has the right idea. Her and Harry would make a great pair. As for that bombed house site of yours, yes definitely chillaxing is in order, the rest can wait. Keep enjoying it all Wendy. Big hugs xo

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    1. It’s a bit like the film.. When Harry Met ‘Dolly’… haha! Yep – definitely the ‘chillax’ is the order of the day! Hope you’re head isn’t too sore for you today .. hehe! Big hugs returned xx

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Phew… Are you cooking Xmas dinner? If so.. I hope all goes wonderfully well (as I’m sure it will!)… I know the next couple of days are going to be pretty busy and possibly not much ‘blog time’… Remember the magical moonbeam.. I’m sure our mum’s will be smiling down… Angel Blessings my friend sent with love xx

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          1. Yes, it’s getting busy here and very little time to read, write or do anything blogging. I’m doing lots of baking tonight but not Christmas dinner, we’re going to Doug’s family’s place. Thank you for your angel blessings, yes I think our mums will be watching from above. It’s been so nice getting to know you this year Wendy, love you lots. xo

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          2. Well that’s us both out of cooking this year (well nearly but not quite – I’m preparing the Beef Wellington)… I love Xmas Baking – it takes me back to my childhood as my mum was a brilliant cook/baker. We always had shortbreads cut into Xmas stars etc. and decorated with mint icing and chocolate peppermint icing.. Scrumptious and continue as a tradition for my granddaughters now! It’s been lovely meeting you this year too Miriam and I know this is a hard year without your mum for the first time and I hope you are still able to enjoy some lovely times with your family! Thinking of you xx

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          3. Oh your shortbreads sound delicious, what a lovely tradition. Mum was a wonderful cook too .. so many special memories that awaken at this time of the year. Sounds like we’ve both been blessed with a wonderful upbringing. Enjoy all the festivities and your family Wendy. xo

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          4. Yes.. I love passing all the Xmas traditions on through the generations… (not that my lads particularly appreciated it but they didn’t get any choice… haha!) I wish you ‘peace, love and wonderful dreams for 2017!’ … xx

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    1. Thanks Debbie.. Dolly is a cutie but as you may have read on the post “How to be an irresponsible dog owner” … looks can be deceptive! (If you haven’t read that post, it may make you giggle..)… Thanks so much for the support you have given to me and my blog over the last few months Debbie..it’s been lovely to meet you and be inspired by your positive and ‘forgiving’ posts! Much love to you sent with blessings and a wish that your dreams for 2017 come true! xx

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    1. She does doesn’t she Osyth! A constant reminder ‘on tap’ of how life is meant to be! (not that I always take notice of what is staring me in the face!)…. I hope you’re all sorted for Xmas with your lovely daughters and enjoying a fabulous ‘fun’ time if not ‘chillaxed’!! xx

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      1. The last daughter’s (who are actually my first two) arrive today and then we can get stuck into real Christmas! I hope you are reasonably chilled (I prescribe chilled prosecco whenever you start getting over heated 😉) and I wish you and your family and loved ones a peaceful and joyous festive season! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I suspect all the family have landed with you now Osyth and I know it’s the first time you’ve been all together for a few years… Enjoy every precious moment and have lots of fun… Thanks so much for your good wishes which are very much appreciated! xxx

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