Xmas Giveaway: Day 20

Only 4 more days to go to the BIG Prize Draw on Xmas Day where 3 lucky winners will be drawn. Each winner will receive 8 of the fabulous Advent Calendar Gifts which I’ll post out for the New Year..

To be included in the draw, you will need to be a FOLLOWER of my blog AND Leave a Comment!

So for Day 20.. What’s in store…. Let’s see!

Oops.. that’s not very clear…

Formula ABSOLUTE ULTIMATE Sleep Cream… “perfects the skin on your face as you sleep” … Sounds good to me!

This product can be purchased in Marks & Spencer (as seen above in the tub for £22)


(No affiliation..)

Good Luck and remember to Follow & Comment!


12 thoughts on “Xmas Giveaway: Day 20

Add yours

    1. Brilliant to hear from you Debbie and It sounds like the retreat was a great experience and what a lovely time of year to go on a retreat too! Wishing you a wonderful Xmas Debbie and may all your dreams for 2017 come true! x

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    1. Thanks Kim.. yes it’s my first year blogging and advent calendaring. I started blogging in March so it’s been a fun ‘learning’ journey through the year. When I saw this Advent Calendar in M&S I decided it was a great opportunity to have some Xmas fun! I’ve really enjoyed it and will definitely keep it as a blogging tradition for next year too! Hope you have a ‘clean spoon’ day Kim xx

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