I’m on a dash today… last minute Xmas shopping, writing cards that should’ve been written and sent previously, finishing off some decorating etc. so that I can take my granddaughters to the Pantomime later today for some Xmas Fun! Happy Days…

So, I’m sure you’ll understand why my post today is going to be ‘short and sweet’… so straight into the Day 18 BIG REVEAL of this Manchester Lifestyle Bloggers Xmas Giveaway.

Some lovely ‘Body Cream’….. which can also be purchased in Marks & Spencer as part of a lovely set for £29.95 http://www.marksandspencer.com/the-rituals-of-sakura-relaxing-ritual/p/p22494351 (no affiliation)

Remember… To be included in the XMAS DAY DRAW, you need to be a Follower of my blog AND Leave a comment! Good Luck x

Have a Brilliant Day… x


8 thoughts on “XMAS GIVEAWAY: Day 18

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    1. Yikes – neither do I .. I had every intention of writing my cards a couple of days ago but for some reason (procrastination) they are still sat on the table looking at me unwritten… tomorrow! Well done for having gifts bought and wrapped.. I’m impressed! That lotion does look good! xx

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    1. Thanks so much.. I’m definitely ‘having fun’.. we just got back from the Pantomime and the girls are now tucked up fast asleep after a lovely evening (although it was a bit late when we got home for the younger one.. ) Fab though! Thanks and I hope you’re enjoying the run up to Xmas too. x

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    1. That’s really lovely of you to say so.. I’m very much a ‘beginner’ with my new and first ‘proper'(ish) camera so I really appreciate that you like these shots! x


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