Fashion: How to Get Cosy for Xmas? Buy a Cosy Coat!

With Xmas fast approaching and temperatures dipping here in the UK, I decided it was time to purchase a ‘cosy coat’ for the winter.. I know I bought that lovely red coat not long ago…

Fashion: How Age Is No Barrier To Wearing Bright Colours says Manchester Lifestyle Blogger


BUT….. I just can’t resist a bit of fur and when I saw these 2 furry coats in Marks & Spencer, I ended up buying them both!! Oops…

However, I’ve blown my budget and I definitely can’t justify keeping them both so one or both have to be returned… 

I need your help to decide… What do you think? Should they both go back or should I keep one and if so, which one?

I love this first one with it’s fabulous hood which would be really useful on those wet, cold or frosty Manchester Mornings… Oooo Snug as a Bug in a Rug!

But… I do love a bit of the old ‘Leopard Print’ too!

Do you remember ‘Bet Lynch’ who was famous for her years behind the bar in the Rovers Return on Coronation Street (filmed right here in Manchester…)? Well my cheeky hubby reckons I’d be able to take over her role as the new ‘Rovers Return Landlady’ in this coat…

Come to think of it, I did look pretty ‘at home’ behind the Rovers Return bar when I did the Coronation Street Tour last year…


Lets hope this isn’t me after a few Xmas Cocktails!

Aghhh –  I’ve just remembered, I love the ‘blingy’  jewellery like she used to wear too..


Crikey.. hubby could be right (I don’t admit that very often)…Particularly when I was in my ‘blonde’ phase and wearing this glitzy red dress!


Now I’m having a ‘Fashion Confidence Crisis’ and I’m beginning to think that maybe this Manchester Lifestyle Blogger needs to have a complete FASHION MAKEOVER for 2017 and become a bit more ‘classic’ – unless they do need me to help out behind the bar at the Rovers….. (Any Corry producers reading this – feel free to contact me as I may need a new job in 2017 so am happy to audition! haha)

Let me know what you think and leave me a comment below.. I’d really appreciate some help!



18 thoughts on “Fashion: How to Get Cosy for Xmas? Buy a Cosy Coat!

Add yours

    1. Haha – thanks Barbara… I’ll check on how much that postage will be! Yep – I think I’m leaning toward the black as being the most ‘wearable’ and also saving me from looking like the Coronation Street (TV Soap) pub landlady! x


  1. What do your neices say. I think the dark one. These days i as myself before i buy …do i love this and where am i going to wear this..and if i can only think of one place then i dont buy. And for each thing i buy i need to be prepared to let go of something..then i buy. Stop me from buying to much stuff..i dont want to undo all my decluttering

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    1. Oh – some good points there Bella… I think it may have to be the black one – it’s definitely more versatile and I had a similar one a few years ago which I wore loads but is looking very raggy so maybe that one has to get chucked away too xx

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  2. Black goes with everrything. And if the hood is comfortable, then I’d maybe keep that one…although as you live in Manchester I would definitely keep the one that’s most waterproof! xx

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