Xmas Advent Giveaway: Day 8

In the rush, rush, rush building up to Xmas, it’s easy to become SO STRESSED that we forget to have some fun!

The memories we create for our families will be those ‘Fun Filled Days’ and not whether or not the Xmas Tree looks 100% perfect….

On Day 8 of the Xmas Advent Giveaway, I thought I’d start with some comical quotes and pictures to ‘get the fun started’!

(Quotes/images courtesy of Google Search)


Now after my ‘DIY Beauty Mask Disaster’ (if you want, you can ‘laugh’ at my wrinkles!!! Makeup: DIY Disaster – Beware this contains unpleasant images!), you’ll understand why I could really have done with today’s XMAS ADVENT GIVEAWAY…..


Ahh well, the wrinkles will just have to stay for another year as I reluctantly (but with a smile on my face) hand this fab little pressy over for the Xmas Day Draw…. I think I may change my mind on the ‘Botox’!!! Let the world see the real you!


Have a smile on me today before the BIG REVEAL… (patience is a virtue… so they say!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Remember… To be included in the Xmas Day Draw for your chance to receive one of the 3 Xmas Advent Present Bundles, all you have to do is:

  • Be a FOLLOWER of this blog

  • Leave a COMMENT on the Advent Giveaway Posts

  • Oh yes…. one last thing… Have Some Fun Today!


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