Xmas Advent Giveaway – Day 6

Gosh – I’m on a dash today so this is a very ‘quickie’ post (sorry)…

Day 6 Advent opening as follows:

Well whoever wins this one, I hope they are better with Liquid Eyeliner than I am… It’s a skill I definitely HAVEN’T mastered! I do love the look though so good luck!

Don’t forget, to be included in the XMAS Day draw, you need to be a follower of my blog and leave a comment.

28 thoughts on “Xmas Advent Giveaway – Day 6

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  1. I can handle the liquid liner but the real expert in my family is my daughter number three who lives in Malaysia …. she uses it to draw tiny designs at the edge of her baby blues …. flowers or teardrops or hearts – I havent the patience nor the steadiness of hand 😁

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    1. My niece who lives next door is a makeup artist and she does the most amazing eye designs too.. but me too.. I haven’t got the steadiness of hand and my eyes are definitely too saggy for a ‘flick’! Ahh well.. that’s one for the young ones then… How exciting that your daughter lives in Malaysia although I’m sure you miss her too.. x

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      1. This Christmas I have all four of my girls for the first time in four years …. believe me I can’t WAIT! I was supposed to visit her over there for the first time in October but my leg stopped me. Hoping to go out next Spring. The last time I saw her was at her elder sister’s wedding last August. The world is a smaller place but still very big when you have chicks scattered across it! Xx

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          1. It truly is and I’m sure with your fabulous attitude to life that you will all have a magical time.. Although with 4 daughters, I’m sure there will be some ‘hormonal moments’ haha! x

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          2. People always ask me if they get on …. the answer is they FIGHT but they adore each other, are fiercely loyal and appallingly critical of one another …. but now that they are all grown and flown I find it a deliciously familiar status quo! Xx

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          3. I think that’s true in our family.. my sister has 5 daughters and we’ve seen some ‘scraps’ along the way through their teenage years and even beyond.. However, when the chips are down.. don’t anybody else dare to raise a word of criticism as those 5 girls will stand strongly together! I’m so glad you have come to a ‘status quo’ for now! Wonderful xx

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  2. Hey You. I love this idea, and have been reading along. I’m sure if a poll were taken, the general public would agree I NEED makeup, but I don’t wear much anymore. A little mascara–OK, I need lots–and some coconut oil and I’m good to go. Delusional, I’m sure….ANYWAY, just wanted to say I like the idea. Enjoy! ❤

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    1. I’m always envious of people who don’t need makeup or have the confidence to go out without much on… I won’t be seen stepping outside my front door without it! Good for you not having to wear it! xx

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  3. I loved winged eye liner, big up the Amy Winehouse eye liner! Love it – not tried this brand. This is such a cool advent calendar btw – where did you get it?

    It took me ages to get the hang of using it, but now I can do it quite quickly, one eye always ends up better than the other (this is true with my eye shadow too!).

    There’s a brand in a blue bottle – can’t remember the name with a fortune teller on the front that fixes make up in place. But, mostly I use MAC Fix Pro, a make up spray that kind of sets everything in place and makes everything last a bit longer. Hope this may help!


    1. Hi Rebecca… It is fab isn’t it. It was from Marks & Spencer (spend £35 on clothing/homeware and you could buy the calendar for £35 otherwise it was £250.00) I love the winged eye liner on other people.. sadly my eyes are too old for it now and regardless of my lack of skill in applying the liquid liner, it just doesn’t look right.. I like the sound of the MAC Fix Pro though – I’ll be taking a look at that on my next trip to John Lewis! Much appreciated xx

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    1. I love it on other people but simply never manage to get a straight line and now my eyes are more ‘hooded’, I simply can’t get that lovely flick! I may go in and ask one of the stores to try and do it for me but I suspect they won’t be able to either.. I do love it on others though and am always slightly envious when I see that perfect ‘flick’! How lovely that you’ve mastered it and good luck with the Xmas day draw! x

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        1. You’re very welcome! I hope you are feeling ok at the moment and I’m sure the makeup is definitely like riding a bike.. once you feel like it again! Take Care and sending an Angel Blessing! xx

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