Xmas Advent Giveaway – Day 5

DAY 5 Calendar Opening…

So if you’ve been busy dashing around getting all your Xmas shopping done and the Xmas Tree up, here’s a quick round up of the Xmas Advent opening so far…

  • Day 1: Bee Lovely Hand Cream
  • Day 2: Super Acid Facial Peel
  • Day 3: Time Filler Anti-Wrinkle Correction Cream
  • Day 4: Brow Tamer

So here we go for THE BIG REVEAL on DAY 5…..


day-5-gift-aOooo Let’s get this one open…..


JOSH WOOD: Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil

Just what’s needed to get your hair looking sleek and glossy for 2017!

Remember… To be entered into the Xmas Day Draw, For your chance to win one of the 3 Advent bundles….

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14 thoughts on “Xmas Advent Giveaway – Day 5

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          1. Oh yey… most definitely.. Good job I’ve known him a long time and am still ‘making up’ for the time I dragged him to the top of a mountain in Turkey (story on day 2 of the Xmas Advent giveaway).. x

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