How To Stand Out From The Crowd At Your Xmas Party…

Here are my top tips as a 50+ blogger on how to feel ‘Fab not Frumpy’ as you ‘GET READY TO PARTY’ in the Countdown to Xmas!

You can’t go too wrong with a ‘Little Black Dress’ accessorised with some ‘blingy’ jewellery….

Getting ready for the party is part of the fun and at Xmas it’s definitely a great opportunity to add some sparkle and obviously some ‘red lippy’

I love getting ready in my ‘sparkly black bathroom’ and you can take a full peek here.. (of the bathroom that is!).. How to create a glitzy bathroom..

Red Lipstick gives a Hollywood Glamour ‘Red Carpet’ look and you could even add a ‘sparkly red hat’…  well maybe leave the hat off until you’ve had a bit of Xmas Spirit.. haha!


Someone recently said to me that ‘blondes can’t wear red’… I’m not sure I agree with that theory  and it never stopped wearing red when I was in my ‘blonde phase’ and as you will know from my recent ‘red coat post’ Fashion: How Age Is No Barrier To Wearing Bright Colours says Manchester Lifestyle Blogger , I do have a bit of a ‘thing’ about RED!

Well, clearly the ‘fashion experts’ have been listening to me because apparently Red is the new Black this season, so why not add some ‘red’ into your party outfit this Xmas?


If you don’t fancy going all out with a red dress, you could try adding some red shoes, a red bag or some glitzy red jewellery to add a splash of colour to your outfit instead?

Or you could be a bit more daring this Xmas and really go for the ‘RACY IN RED’ look for your party and ooze confidence with a RED JUMPSUIT like this one below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think the lace detail at the top of this jumpsuit adds a real ‘party feel’ to the outfit and as an added bonus, the sleeves also provide some cover for those dreaded ‘batwings’

The jumpsuit and the cream jacket were both from the ‘on line’ catalogue Kaleidoscope and as a bonus, the jumpsuit has been reduced from £89 down to just £36 – A Snip!

If you feel conscious of some extra ‘lumps and bumps’, flashing a ‘bit of cleavage’ is a great way to distract from my ‘Xmas Pud’ tum and I also loved the extra ‘coverage’ provided by this cream jacket which was also £39 from Kaleidoscope.

Accessories can really make your outfit stand out and to accessorise this outfit, I chose a chunky pearl necklace to pick up the ‘cream’ in the jacket, along with some gold shoes, which all added to a bit of extra party bling…

IF RED ISN’T YOUR THING, what about some NAVY BLUE instead?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This party dress just makes you want to DANCE the night away! Try getting me off the dance floor when I’m wearing it, as it’s got ‘The Twist’ written all over it (yep showing my age again… not sure what the equivalent ‘club scene music would be now – sorry!)

I found that the all over tassels were really effective at distracting from any ‘lumps and bumps’ and being Xmas, I teamed it with a very sparkly navy blue glitter bag!

So my suggestion for the 2016 XMAS PARTY SEASON is to leave the little black dress in the wardrobe and really GO FOR IT with COLOUR! – WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Top Tip: If you’re a bit on the ‘shy side’ when walking into parties, changing how you ‘carry yourself’ makes a massive difference.

Even when you don’t feel confident on the inside, you can ‘fake it’ on the outside by walking in tall with your head held high, shoulders back and a smile on your face.

Faking it ‘on the outside’ helps you to ‘believe it on the inside’… and even if you don’t believe it, everyone else at the party will!! (particularly if you’re wearing RED!)

Stand out from the crowd and BE PROUD this party season and I hope you have a FABULOUS time!!











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  1. Ooh pretty lady! Loving those shaky shimmer tassles. As you suggested I need something for my lumps and bumps…in my case probably a crane to get me out of the bedroom window once I have squeezed into something fetching. If I put my full weight behind it they won’t even need the sledgehammers this year! 🙂

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