Together We MUST Stand

Certainly food for thought in this post re-bloggedΒ from The Autumn Of Life. Some really key issues are highlighted …

Victorialise also highlights the plight of the indigenous people of Standing Rock who are suffering as a result of the large corporations. Thanks Ms Autumn and Victorialise for highlighting this incredibly important issue…


22 thoughts on “Together We MUST Stand

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  1. Write something light? Light, light, my pants are white, not heavy, made from cotton, but they are too tight. Crushed crotch, it’s hard to bear but I wear me knickers so you can see pub(l)ic hair. See it’s not hard to write something “light” Bet you’re pissing yourself laughing now lol πŸ™‚

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    1. haha Mr P – getting ‘cheekier’ by the minute… That was a ‘re-blog’ from In the Autumns blog…! I’ll be calling you Mr CC if you’re not careful.. and I can think of a few things that could stand for but I’ll stick with you’re own Cc…. for nowx

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          1. Ah good, you aren’t cross. I thought I was rather polite *polishes halo whilst steathily burning the other six reponses she spent five minutes on but savoured first*

            I had even thought of a poem but thought it might be too long –

            I ain’t got time,
            To make it rhyme,
            Don’t wanna be slayin’,
            Would rather be playin’.

            Rather delicious, yes?

            *wanders off in search of coffee and an asprin*

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