Foody Friday: Food For Thought….

My Food For Thought today is inspired by this wonderful poem written by Shiva I recommend you pop across and have a read and ‘be inspired’…


We humans all live under the same sky and yet some of us choose to look up and enjoy the wonder of the world around us whilst others choose to remain focussed on just the bit of earth we tread and see only the weeds…

Today, I’m choosing to look up, look around and see the stars and not the weeds…


I hope you can choose to look up and around at the beauty surrounding you today and feel the magic of stardust in your life….


25 thoughts on “Foody Friday: Food For Thought….

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  1. Beautiful post Wendy and I loved Shiva’s poem. I dubbed November the month of looking up but I think I’ll extend it to the rest of the year. There’s always magic to be found up above. Have a great Friday Wendy. xo

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    1. Ahh – I like that idea – I’m going to do that to the end of the year too Miriam.. We can star gaze on opposite sides of the world and opposite ends of the day but they’ll be the same magnificent stars! Hope you’re having a great day too. x

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      1. Happy stargazing to you my friend. My weekend has just begun here and my husband has just left for a three day work trip so everything feels a bit topsy turvy. But looking forward to some birthday celebrations with my sister, broken wrist and all. Hope you have a great weekend Wendy. xo

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        1. Oh no – I’ve missed that story Miriam – is it you or your sister with broken wrist? Thanks – I’m happily star gazing! My hubby has had to do an extra day working tomorrow too.. Hope you have a lovely birthday celebration (you or sis?) xx

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          1. Hey Wendy, it was my sister who broke her wrist and also whose birthday it is today. Very loveable but clumsy sis of mine. Have just got back from driving her home and helping her celebrate. It’s been a lovely day but I’m exhausted! xo

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          2. Ahh poor clumsy sis! I’m so glad you’ve had a lovely day and now you can enjoy a good old ‘chillax’… peace….and a bit of stargazing. It’s 7 a.m. here and when I went down to make hubby a brew, the stars were still twinkling.. xx

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          3. Thanks Miriam – Unusually I haven’t got my granddaughters today and hubby is out at work so I’ve got no excuse not to tidy as the house looks like a bomb has exploded…. then again… I could be tempted to paint an old desk – I want to ‘shabby chic’ it up… Enjoy your chillax too x

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          4. Oh, painting and shabby chicing up that old desk sounds like much more fun Wendy. Cleaning can wait!!! Let’s face it, it’s only going to get dirty again! 😊 xo

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  2. It is the wonder that is so wonderful.
    It is the day that made us both wonder.
    It is the inspiration of our thoughts that made this wonder.
    It is the feeling of the magic of stardust is wonderful.
    It is the gratitude I pay for this post so wonderful.

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    1. Hi Shiva I’ve just tried it and it is going through to your poem so I’m not sure what’s wrong with it? I’ve had a comment from someone who followed the link as well and read your poem and thought it was lovely.. Let me know what I need to do to put it right? Much appreciated.. x

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