Poem: In My Last September… What Will I Remember?

 Isle of Skye (Scotland) – 1973, standing in the rain, in a puddle, in my bikini, with my best friend…..

…..That’s my overwhelming memory of Skye,

Just letting the world happily drift by…

and while the rain tippled down,

we laughed aloud, no hint of a frown,

as we truly enjoyed those silly days of fun…


On that holiday, there was never any sun

and dark stormy clouds cast their shadow,

as they moved misty and low

and the cool wind did blow,

strong and powerful over craggy Cuillin mountains…


Regardless of weather, we friends stuck together,

staying firm and fast to our doctrine….

“To laugh and have fun with no worries or cares”…


Spurred on further, by those dour Skye natives

and their very grumpy stares,

which  just tickled these wee friends, ever more deep,

as we stood in that puddle, tears o’ joy ‘cross our cheeks….


Yet now we are suddenly 40 years on

and it seems there’s always too much to get done!

No time to waste recalling happy days on Skye,

or to notice how quickly the years have flown by…

Working so hard and rushing through life

Focussing too much attention on trouble and strife!


Two old friends, no longer go with the flow …

And at night sinking down feeling heavy and low,

As over our lives, dark clouds cast their shadow….

Now we reach out for anti-depressants,

or stay stuck in our rut, downing appetite suppressants!


And in our mirrored reflections,

we glimpse dark eyes and sallow complexions,

And our minds begin to ponder -“ Is there more to life than this?”

What’s happened to the joy and bliss,

Before we got swept along on the tide

And somehow forgot to enjoy the ride…


But in 40 years more, what will I recall

as into that never ending slumber I start to fall?

As I doze in the chair in my last September,

What will it be that I remember?……..


Will it be trouble and strife, that has me frowning

Or will my memories be of laughter and clowning?

As I recall those happy times on Skye,

Surely our memories are true and don’t lie…


Somewhere in my ancient memory, I’m sure I recall

our sweet faces aglow as bright as the sun

during those 2 weeks on Skye full of innocent fun….


So I take stock in this moment… before it’s too late…

and choose to live each night, like my very first date…

Spending time with family and friends who I love,

Spreading peace to them all with the grace of a dove…


I’ll leave work early not late, in a calm relaxed state,

And from this moment on, live each day like my last,

Before my life really has…. totally passed!


I’ll ensure each day of my life is a joy to remember,

when I sit in my chair, looking back as I  slumber,

with a smile not a frown in my last September…



15 thoughts on “Poem: In My Last September… What Will I Remember?

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  1. That was absolutely beautiful Wendy, in fact it brought a tear to my eye. You described the passing of time so well and the fact that we do often forget about the joys through the busyness of life but in the end what matters? It’s appreciating what we have now, making our own memories of Skye every day and relishing them. Beautifully done my talented and wise friend. zoo 😊

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    1. Oh thanks so much for that lovely comment Miriam! It’s been rush rush rush for too long and I’m now on a very different path… albeit temporarily but I’ll never go back to working 80+ hours per week as I was up to the beginning of this year! I now remember fun days on Skye and try to smile every day! I’m sure you’re making your memories of ‘Skye’ too! xxx

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  2. Wow, what a wonderful memory told so eloquently. I feel you will be the lady in the chair on that last September chuckling away with all the good memories, it isn’t in you to focus on the sad and sour. Here’s to memories of Skye and a lovely friend to share it with.

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    1. Thanks Barbara and you’re right – I’m definitely going to be chuckling… I’m making sure of it after a ‘lightbulb moment’ last year which is when I wrote the poem…Wishing you many happy days too alongside great friends!! Thankyou! xx


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