POEM: Dare to Remember

Dare to Remember and Live Your Dream!

Dare I dream

to dream my dream?

Forever waiting and wondering

Never remembering…….

What was it I dreamed

so many years ago?

Those long forgotten thoughts

Buried deep below…

Do I fear remembering

Or looking myself in the mirror,

Because all those years since

I’ve simply failed to deliver?

Those childhood imaginings

So wild and inspired….

Is it really too late

to oxygenate old fires?

Wait – what’s that I feel?

It’s my spirit being poked!

Old dreams re-emerging,

Cold embers being stoked…

 A tiny flicker and flames re-ignite

The Phoenix emerging, rising uncovered,

To live the dream not dream the dream

The pathway to happiness re-discovered….



41 thoughts on “POEM: Dare to Remember

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    1. I’m so pleased it resonates with you. It really sounds like you’re going through a period of BIG change in your life and I am too (work related).. I’ve been in ‘limbo’ for a few months and now it’s time to give myself a kick up the backside and stop prevaricating! Much appreciated and may your dreams come true too xx

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  1. Oh Wendy this so resonated with me! I often wonder, what did I dream about when I was young, what did I want to be or do? And then I start to realize that although the dreams I had when I was young won’t be accomplished now, I have new dreams, but this time I will not let them die as dreams I will walk towards them and fulfill them!! Thank you such inspiration!! xo

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    1. Wow – thanks Deb – VERY much appreciated.. Yes I agree.. I struggle to remember what my old dreams were and as I get older I realise how important it is to be moving toward some new ones that are still part of who I have always been… aligned with my core values! Much appreciated xxx

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      1. Yes I agree, I believe our core values remain and perhaps through life we actually move more in their direction to realize our dreams that become refined over the years!! xo

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          1. Yep – and you can never ‘tell’ anyone those nuggets of wisdom, you really do have to learn for yourself! (I’ve tried with my sons, nephews and nieces – haha – it rarely works.. )! x

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          2. Haha – there were definitely moments in our first days of living together where I would’ve thrown the towel in if it hadn’t been for ‘proving them wrong’… Thanks goodness though for my stubborn streak as I’d have thrown the towel in on something that has truly endured the test of time and without doubt is true love! xx

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  2. It’s never too late is it Wendy? I love your poem, it’s so full of yearning, of hope, hew dreams and directions and looking forward. Resonated deeply with me. Beautifully done my friend xo

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    1. It’s taken nine months of hard work to build up a reasonable following.. I’m really pleased with the way it’s going and over recent weeks, it’s started to grow faster. I found the first few months I was ‘finding my feet and my voice’ in the blog and visiting lots of other blogs to learn from them and to follow, like and comment on their blogs. It does take time to build and then I think after a while, it starts to gather momentum. Keeping on with regular posts is really important too. I have wondered whether I should be more ‘focussed’ as at the moment I tend to blog about all sorts of things… Perseverance and lots of reading/following and being genuine with your comments on other people’s posts is key I think.. Sorry to ramble! xx


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