Foody Friday Food For Thought: How to Have a Brilliant Day…

Sometimes, we start our day fearing what is ahead of us or maybe we just got out on the wrong side of bed and feel cross, angry, fed up etc. On days like this we are emitting a negative vibration and often focus on everything that is wrong in our lives and our internal conversations are all doom and gloom:

“I’m miserable…… nothing ever goes right for me……. Everybody hates me…… I hate my job…. etc. etc. etc.

What if you just ‘flip it’ and try speaking to yourself in a positive way…


“I’m enjoying life…… some things are really going my way…. I love being able to enjoy simple things like beautiful flowers, the colour of nature… everything is going my way …… I have some people in my life who really enjoy my company… love me… like me    I like the benefits of working…. I enjoy being able to spend the money I earn to improve my lifestyle…

Changing our perception of ourselves and how we communicate with ourselves, is often the key to unlocking the door to a happier life….

What we focus on is what we get and if we focus on all the negative aspects of our lives, we will notice more negative things around us. Try noticing what makes you feel good and simply do more of those things and gradually you’ll be doing more and more of the things that make you feel fabulous and then get rid of the ‘negative committee’ in your head.. The Negative Committee In Your Head


Have a brilliant weekend doing and noticing the things you enjoy!



21 thoughts on “Foody Friday Food For Thought: How to Have a Brilliant Day…

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  1. This is awesome, Wendy. And so powerful.
    My spiritual teacher John Morton did a video with a colleague called “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” Let me know if you’re interested and I can forward to you. 🙂
    Anyway have a lovely weekend, Wendy. I’ll be in a spiritual class this weekend, really looking forward to it.

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    1. It sounds like your in for a lovely uplifting weekend – how wonderful! That sounds like a really interesting video watch… if you can send it that would be great? Not sure how you do that – is it a dropbox link – let me know? Thank you!! xx

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  2. As soon as I wake up, before I even get out of bed, I start with Thank You God, thank You for another day, thank You for a joyful, harmonious day, thank You for my job, bless my co-workers, bless my office, bless the customers and vendors, thank You for my family, thank You for my warm home and comfy bed! Then whatever else I might think of or if not I end with thank You, thank You, thank You! It’s a great way to start your day!! Wishing you a blessed weekend!! xo

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        1. Maybe a new ‘vision board’ – some focussed time on what you enjoy would help too.. Getting into a ‘slump’ is perfectly reasonable though considering… Don’t beat yourself up about that either… Take care of yourself xx

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