How To Enjoy Santa’s Grotto Experience at ‘intu Trafford Centre’, Manchester – From A Child’s Perspective…

After my recent blog post Xmas Has Arrived at The Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester.. I was delighted to be invited to return with my granddaughters to enjoy a complimentary trip to Santa’s Grotto by ‘intu Trafford Centre’, which after the difficulties of the last few months for their mum,  Life Has Thrown A Gigantic Lemon.. It’s Being Thrown Right Back!!! was a VERY welcome and much appreciated treat for the girls!

My two adorable granddaughter’s were very excited and as you will see from the video below, they had a magical afternoon full of fun and frivolity. I simply followed behind with my new Canon G7x mark ii camera, which I’ve only recently purchased (for the 2nd time as the original was stolen in our recent burglary!) I’m still very much a ‘novice vlogger’ but the camera helped me to capture some truly ‘magical moments’ which I’ve included in the 9 minute video below.

Fortunately I was able to just ‘point and shoot’ – no need for any ‘direction’ from me as the girls simply enjoyed the lovely experience! I’m not sure what happened.. it must’ve been the ‘elves’ as we travelled at ‘warp speed’ on our journey to find Santa’s Grotto..

I hope you’re able to take time to view the video as it can’t fail to make you smile!

I would highlight that although I’ve referenced several ‘stores’ within the Trafford Centre that we visited on our trip, I am not affiliated in any way and these were genuine highlights of our day..

The girls followed some very ‘obvious’ clues on their magical journey, stopping to buy Santa a present along the way.. and obviously to enjoy one of Millie’s Cookie’s themselves!! I struggled to resist a cookie and can honestly say with a ‘halo’ above my head that I did, which is pretty amazing – In my pre Diabetes diagnosis past, Millie’s Cookies were always a ‘must purchase’ on any intu Trafford Centre trip. It looks like my granddaughters are going to keep up the tradition, even if Nanny can’t!

Watching back at the photo’s and video clips which I struggled to condense into the 9 minute vlog, I realised how different life is when viewed through the eyes of a child. Even the simplest thing can become magical when it is looked at from a different perspective. I’ve walked past the statues throughout the Trafford Centre on many occasions without ever REALLY stopping to appreciate them properly.

I don’t think I’ll ever just ‘walk past’ the intu Trafford Centre numerous STATUES again, without smiling… I bet you won’t either if you watch this video!

When we entered Barton Square, which is where Santa’s Grotto is located, even the shop windows attracted my granddaughters.. I think it’s the first time they’ve ever asked me to take them into Marks & Spencer ‘Home’ Store but the M&S window was so attractive the girls couldn’t wait to go inside… Needless to say, I couldn’t resist purchasing some of the beautiful Xmas decorations either!

As you will see in the video below, the girls without any doubt enjoyed their wonderful trip to see Santa and if you would like to enjoy the Santa’s Grotto experience, I’ve added a link below for ease if you fancy booking a trip yourself.. I won’t give away all the secrets but suffice it to say – BEWARE THE POLAR BEAR…. and look out for Norbert (the ultimate in cute!).

Santa’s very beautiful little ‘elves’ were absolutely lovely with the children – they had the genuine ‘twinkle in their eye’… just as you would expect from someone who helps Santa all year round! If anyone could make you ‘believe’, they could…


Just one tiny criticism of our experience, was that it cost Nanny more than anticipated… The experience didn’t include a present from Father Xmas, therefore, to avoid disappointment, I told the girls a ‘white lie’ and said that Santa had given them an option to choose a small present in one of his toy shops, where they are busy making all the toys for Santa to collect and deliver at Xmas!

So – I didn’t get away with a visit to the Toy Stores after all!….

I also opted to purchase the ‘snow globe’ at the end of our experience and there were other photograph options which you could purchase including a key ring etc. Although the snow globe cost Nanny another £10.00, all in all it was worth it, as the girls love it and couldn’t wait to take it home and put it in their bedroom as a ‘lasting memory’ of their magical trip to Santa’s Grotto!

Tip: If you do decide to visit the intu Trafford Centre Santa’s Grotto, one of my granddaughters was desperate to go to the loo (as you will hear in the video!) however, we were advised by ‘Santa’s Helpers’ at the Grotto, that the only toilets are back in the main shopping centre, which is a fair old treck…. so my tip is to make sure you use the loo’s BEFORE going across to Barton Square or you may be caught short!

It’s alright for the naked cherubs who are able to use the fountain but for little children… it’s a tricky one as ‘snow’ never does look good with a bit of ‘pee’ on it! Fortunately – you’ll be glad to know that we made it back by the skin of our teeth and the snow remained pure white at The North Pole!

From ‘The Brilliance Within Family’ – We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our magical world and enjoy our video!




33 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Santa’s Grotto Experience at ‘intu Trafford Centre’, Manchester – From A Child’s Perspective…

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    1. What a wonderful things to say Brigid! – Thanks so much!!! Oooo wouldn’t that be lovely.. a trip to Lapland – yep I’m with you on that and will have to pop that onto my vision board… Have a fabulous time when you see Santa on Sunday – Enjoy the moment… x

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    1. Thanks Bella – if you get chance, watch the video…it’s very comical and will make you smile.. I had to try not to get too clear a shot of Santa as they asked me to keep it as a ‘surprise’ for other children…. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks Bella – if you get chance, watch the video…it’s very comical and will make you smile.. That picture is inside the snowglobe – it’s effective isn’t it although for the blog, I had to try not to get too clear a shot of Santa as they asked me to keep it as a ‘surprise’ for other children…. xx


    1. Thanks so much and I hope you had chance to watch the video.. how luck I am to have 2 such adorable little girls in my life to make me smile! Thanks for reading (hopefully watching) and taking the time out to comment – very much appreciated! x


  1. Aww, I remember going to the Co-op to see Father Christmas…I knew it was definitely him because he smelt of mothballs and had obviously been stored somewhere for the rest of the year in the shop’s cupboard. At least that’s what I told Nanna apparently 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha – I hope my girlies hold onto those memories like you have – how lovely! …and very astute – poor Santa being stuck in a cupboard all year..
      I don’t know whether you had chance to watch the video at the end.. it was very comical and seeing the ‘cherub’ caused great hilarity – I don’t know where they get it from!!! Surely it’s nothing to do with the sign on my wall “What happens at Nanna’s Stays at Nannas!” x

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