Manchester Blogger’s Big Thankyou!


Thanks so much to all of you who have shared my blogging journey so far. This was a  lovely wake up message to receive this morning from WordPress informing me that I’ve got:


500 Followers……Well – 502 to be precise!

This couldn’t have come on a better day and for those of you who read my post Life Has Thrown A Gigantic Lemon.. It’s Being Thrown Right Back!!! – you’ll understand why…

So thank you fellow bloggers for cheering up my morning on this difficult day!

I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to follow, read, like and view my posts and particularly for the extra delight when someone takes a moment to add a comment…

TODAY I also send a BIG THANKYOU to the Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses who are looking after my beautiful daughter in lawThanks to the NHS she is able to have life saving preventative surgery to reduce her risk of getting cancer from 80% to just 5%… Amazing! x



Cancer Awareness – Shoe Painting by Kim Wilson


68 thoughts on “Manchester Blogger’s Big Thankyou!

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          1. Thanks Miriam.. bless her – as soon as she was back on the ward, I received a photo of her smiling with thumbs up for me to show her daughters.. So Brave.. Have a great day! xx

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  1. Well done Wendy. That’s fabulous. I’m personally finding your blogs inspirational so I’m not surprised that you have got so many followers. Good luck to your daughter in law for her surgery and speedy recovery. Maria.

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    1. Ahhh thanks so much Maria… very much appreciated!!! Hope all is good at the Croft? Surgery went well and Jen is back on the ward and is still smiling…now that is true inspiration! xxx


  2. This makes me smile. On the day I learn that my cousin’s wife is not going to win her battle it is particularly poignant. Thank you for finding me. Thank you for all you do. Thank you NHS for being there to save the lives of as many as you can. Thank you life. Hard-knock you may be but you are the most living of things and we must appreciate you. Treat you as the most precious gift.

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    1. I am so so sorry Osyth… We can never predict what life has in store for us… I’m sorry your family has received such hard blow and I will be thinking about you all… Angel blessings my friend xxxxx

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      1. Thank you. But please understand that the fact your daughter-in-law is going to get the chance to raise her girls when the same disease that smite her mother is what is about to take our girl gives me so much hope. I weep for her, for my cousin, for her children though grown still her teenies and yet I smile copiously for your girl. That’s just the way life is …. we win some, we lose some and we must embrace very chance we have to live.

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        1. You are so so kind Osyth… and on a day that is so hard for you and your family I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it… Life is bitter sweet.. I am full of gratitude that research has enabled this procedure which as you say wasn’t available for Jen’s mum… I’m sure she was watching over Jenny today though! Enjoying every moment while it lasts is so important you are right! Thank you and I’m so glad we are in contact – your support is amazing and beautiful! xxx

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  3. Congratulations Wendy, a must deserved boost for your blog. I wish there had been a surgery available for my darling sister too, but I am so very happy for your daughter in law. Love to you and your family.

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    1. I am full of gratitude that we have an opportunity to ‘throw the lemon back’ in this case.. Jen’s mum wasn’t so lucky either.. I’m so sorry you lost your sister Barbara… that is very very hard for you and your family! Thank you for your kindness… it genuinely means a lot! xxx


  4. That’s wonderful, Wendy! You are a breath of fresh air it is easy to see why people would gravitate toward your site. However, the news regarding your daughter in law is really incredible, I am thrilled for your family to have this option. You all will be in my prayers and thoughts through ought this journey! X

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    1. You were my first follower Victoria!… I can’t believe that I’ve now risen to 500+… Thank you for your wonderful words and continued support for my blog and for my lovely family!! xx


      1. I am. I was busy last month helping a friend with her English and more of building up her confidence due to health issues. It took me away from the blogs and I have missed everyone, like a family. Now trying to catch up with all the blogs I am following. Will come that way soon to see what has been going on 🙂 ❤

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        1. How funny – that fits perfectly with the blog I’ve just posted about giving a helping hand… It’s so important and far more important than blogging! How lovely that your friend has someone in her life who cares about her! x

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          1. I know but in this case it did not work that way. You see as she is an adult and has the basic English knowledge, and needed to look at her health in a different way, I started teaching together with positivity. By writing gratitudes as she has almost every ailment that one can have. After the first month she didn’t want the new things, someone who does not want to leave the comfort zone but sticking to the age old habits and beliefs !!!
            When I was talking on how praying can help and I showed her quotes on positivity. She got me confused in saying I think funny that what she wanted was English !!!
            This is an instant that by going to help, I got disappointed but I have taken it as a lesson. As you see its not all who can understand what some of us are doing. Here we are on a different wave length and for a brief period I was shown how far I have come and how much I have developed myself. I believe I can write an article later on this. When there is so much going on and when one can upgrade oneself, some choose to be ignorant and lead lives of ill health leading to unhappiness !!

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          2. Oh so true… There is an old saying… “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”… It may be that this wasn’t the right time for your friend and in the future your words may come back to her… that has happened with me previously.. Not all people are ready to look within… it’s not easy! Well done to you for having done so and continue your improvement journey! x

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          3. Yes you are correct. Some are Not ready. It happens to me often as I tend to notice or see things much earlier than others. And they realize later sometimes too late as she also has the same issue like your daughter in law. I have taken it as a positive experience and written an article about it just now. Thanks Love and Light 🙂 ❤

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          4. That’s brilliant.. yep ‘flip it’ from negative to positive – always a good philosophy and there’s always a silver lining when we look from a different perspective! x

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