Monday’s Message: 3 Great Things To Do This Week To Improve Your Life…



    We are often so busy listening to what other people think we ‘should’ be doing that we doubt ourselves and our own judgement. It’s important to develop confidence in ourselves and to trust our ability to make the decisions and take the steps toward our goals, dreams and ambitions for our life, in order to create the life we dream of, rather than fulfilling the expectations and dreams of others…

    Even if you make mistakes along the way, these are teaching you the lessons so that you can get it right next time!


    Once you have developed your goals and your vision for you life and you’ve created your ‘action plan’, sometimes, you will face blocks and set backs which hold you back. It is at these times that you need to have faith that things will work out and keep pushing forward… There is always more than one way… Look at alternative routes if necessary, enlist people to help you and Never give up on your dreams!


    Most importantly – listen to YOUR heart…. What is it that makes YOU happy? Sometimes, it’s hard to know what we really want as we supress our inner desires and we continue to run on the ‘hamsters wheel’ …. We are so busy doing what we think we ‘should’ be doing that our true feelings are buried deep within and we forget what it is that really makes us happy.


Life is short… Sometimes we need to take a ‘Leap of Faith’ and jump off the hamster’s wheel!

10 thoughts on “Monday’s Message: 3 Great Things To Do This Week To Improve Your Life…

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    1. Sometimes the message arrives just when we need it most to affirm what we know our hearts is telling us.. Good luck with your journey and I send Angel Blessings to support you! x


    1. Fabulous as it really does apply to any day of the week.. It’s brilliant how we see the messages we need to see at the right time… I’ve experienced that a lot as I’ve been blogging and I’m glad this was the right one for you today!! xx


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