4 Ways to Live Life Like A Bee…

As humans we have a choice to make. We can choose to:

  • Live like a Locust – swarming with the crowd, causing devastation and destruction on our route through life!


  • Live like a Bee.. creating sweet honey for others to enjoy..

I choose to try and live like a Bee..

What’s your choice?

Keep it simple….

  1. Create symbiotic relationships in life that are mutually beneficial and supportive, including relationships with people, plants and animals…
  2. Take care of the environment in which you live… You need plenty of blossom for your survival..
  3. Enjoy taking time to work alongside your friends and family to drink nectar
  4. Use your time wisely to create sweet honey for others in your life to enjoy!


36 thoughts on “4 Ways to Live Life Like A Bee…

Add yours

    1. Hi Myra – I think we’re sharing the bee hive! Kirsty is holding on.. but isn’t well. She faces a 4 hour operation tomorrow followed by a 12 hour operation next week.. However – I’m a believer in things happen for a reason and maybe this is what will help her to recover the best way moving forward… We’ll all be praying for her tomorrow… I’m sure you’ll say one too Myra. Thanks for caring.. xx

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        1. You’re so kind Myra.. thank you for thinking of Kirsty in your prayers… The op didn’t go well as the surgeon couldn’t get to the area required as it is too deep within the brain so had to give up after 4 hours😢 They ate going to have to see if there are any alternative options but for now we’re all continuing our prayers… God bless to you too Myra.. xx

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          1. I know Myra it’s so horrible for Kirsty and all her family… Her little boy is being beautifully cared for by in laws and age 3 is going with the flow… kids that age are very resilient. Thank you for your prayers Myra. Many Angel blessings to you. Xxx

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          2. Wendy, I have a bed feeling for Kirsty’s doctors. Do they really know what they are they doing? Did the scan or whatever exams. ever showed how deep the nerves were? But after they worked for 4 hours? Kirsty is a real person, not a white mouse ! You mentioned there will be 12 hours operation. I hope not until 12 hours later they cut her open and found out they have to surch for

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          3. She is in a very good hospital and the Doctor has a good reputation. I think Kirsty is very unlucky and they are really trying to work out how best to deal with what is a very difficult situation in her brain… I’m not sure whether the 12 hour op is going ahead now because it was dependent on the success of the 4 hour operation first.. We can only trust that she is in good hands – I think she is though xx


          4. Not great Myra.. they couldn’t do the operation originally planned for this week and we’re waiting to hear what the next step can be… I hope you’re ok? xx

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          5. Please don’t worry.. Kirsty is in good hands where she is and they are doing there best.. other than that she is in God’s hands! They have come up with an alternative plan and will be scheduling another operation soon. I hate now that you are spending your precious time worrying.. This is one of those times where we have to trust that what will be will be… Thank you so much for caring and I’m so sorry if I’ve made you sad… that was never my intention.. Please continue to enjoy your ‘everlasting blossom’ of life! xx

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          6. Hi Myra – all being well Kirsty is due to have an operation on Friday so we’ve got our fingers xx. I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch.. I didn’t want to further upset you but we had a difficult month as you may read on my blog with Jen my daughter in law who had to have a double mastectomy as a cancer preventative (her mum died of breast cancer and Jen inherited the genes responsible.) Anyway – she’s been to see the surgeon yesterday who is really pleased with the way everything is healing and the pathology tests have come back all clear which is brilliant news. Kirsty is Jen’s best friend so it’s been a really difficult time for her facing this without her best friend to support her.. Hopefully all will go as well as it can for Kirsty on Friday.. I hope you’re ok too!!! xx


  1. Definitely a Bee 🐝 but not a Queen Bee under any circumstances …. flatly lying around being served and producing more bees is of course part of the process but I wouldn’t want the mantle xx

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  2. Well, I HOPE I live like a bee; I certainly prefer that to locust life. It’s forever amazing to me the ripple effect and how quickly positivity can spread and make others smile. Great post. 🙂

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    1. Fabulous – thanks Karen.. I was unexpectedly delayed in reading more of your posts and will be catching up at the weekend.. (2 gorgeous granddaughters arrived and decided they wanted a sleepover tonight as well as tomorrow night.. bless them!) I’m looking forward to spending some ‘reading catch up’ over the weekend. xx


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