10 Great Questions To Ask – Dig Deeper for a Great Conversation…

It’s so easy to travel through each day without really engaging in a meaningful conversation. We’re so busy rushing through the day, working in stressful jobs, looking after children etc. that the time passes and when we do eventually sit down, we switch on the TV or the Computer and immerse ourselves in mindless activity.

Going camping with my family and husband with no access to the TV or the internet, made me realise just how little time I make to create the opportunity to sit down with family and friends to really converse..

I’m determined that even though the summer holidays are over, that I’m going to continue to make opportunities to continue that campfire spirit..   https://brilliancewithin.com/2016/08/26/have-a-great-conversation-today/

Sitting round the campfire with no technology and the clear starry sky overhead, seemed to naturally ‘open up’ our conversation into something deeper than we’ve had for many years as we rush through life.

Now the holiday’s are over and I’m making sure I continue to dig that little bit deeper with my questions to improve the quality of our conversations.

I came across this crafty idea posted on pinterest   https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/387168899199466730/  which I think is a lovely way to open up some conversations – These are made from the glass ‘stones’ that you can buy in lots of £1 shops… and would be a great way of finishing off a great family meal with a game and particularly with my granddaughters – I think they’d love this ‘game’ – what do you think?


Then there are the ‘deeper questions’ that we never seem to ask… Here are 10 great questions you could ask to deepen some of your conversations with your family and friends digging down beyond the surface. Have the courage and take some time to ask some deeper questions and you may be surprised at what you discover..

What are you enjoying most about your life at the moment?

  1. What’s your biggest fear?
  2. What do you regret most?
  3. What did you dream about doing when you were a child?
  4. How do you feel about your job?… What would be your ‘dream job’
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  6. If you could choose 1 place in the world to travel to – where would it be?
  7. What is your ‘vision’ for your life?
  8. How could you enhance your relationships/life?
  9. When do you feel your ….happiest/saddest/most in love…..

Organise some ‘Campfire’ evenings with your family and friends and enjoy learning new things about each other. Try to clear the smoke and gain some clarity …..


I’d love to hear what your favourite ‘deeper’ questions are so I can add some to my list – Please let me know in the comments.. Thank you!



23 thoughts on “10 Great Questions To Ask – Dig Deeper for a Great Conversation…

Add yours

    1. Oooo That’s a fabulous question.. maybe just to ask ourselves occasionally too as a reminder of who is precious in our lives.. Love it Larry and thanks for sharing! x


      1. No I saw only 9. Later I saw another one on top. Sure I’ll make a question and will answer it. 10 Name one fast food restaurant in the US. Wendy’s 🙃😝😂😜

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  1. I’ll even answer them: 1 Death 2 being born 3 fries 4 it’s shit 5 in the mirror 6 Seychelles 7 to laugh as much as I can 8 by bickering and meditation 9 when I’m with my girl / if I’m not with my girl/ when I see her 10 no question so no answer


    1. Well now Mr PPP – now you’ve risen to the challenge, I have to ‘dig deeper’… after all that is the purpose of my post….
      1.What’s your biggest fear? Death
      2.What do you regret most? Being Born
      Now isn’t this a bit of an anomaly? Regretting life and fearing death?.. Just to dig a bit…how long do you think you’ll regret something you had no control over…i.e.the moments of your conception (don’t go there with the visual imagery..) and the moment of your birth (definitely not one to visualise – at least that’s what I’m told by my hubby and I can still remember seeing his WHITE face.. !!), So if you fear death and you regret being born – what are you doing in between?
      3.What did you dream about doing when you were a child? Fries… I assume we’re on the same page with the UK version – chips? If so – yep my Grandma’s chips cooked in lard were the best and I still ‘dream’ of them now
      4.How do you feel about your job?… ‘shit’ – are you considering doing something different? – You need to read my post on ‘Vision Boards’..What would be your ‘dream job’
      5.Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? – If you see yourself in the mirror what would your reflection be telling you to do?
      6.If you could choose 1 place in the world to travel to – where would it be? – Seychelles – Sounds good to me – I fancy Hawaii..
      7.What is your ‘vision’ for your life? Haha – Fab – couldn’t agree more!
      8.How could you enhance your relationships/life? Oh yep – a good bicker to clear the air and then the ‘making up’ followed by a ‘siesta’ – no hang on that should be meditation.. x
      9.When do you feel your ….happiest/saddest/most in love….. – Ahh – that’s lovely – how long have you been together and now I’m assuming that this takes up some of your time in between. I’m intrigued why you regret being born though.. Just think of the fun I’d have missed out on if you hadn’t….
      Oh and ‘Wendy’s Fast Food’… I hope it’s good food as well as ‘fast’ food! xx

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  2. What a great post Wendy. You know how much I love camping and this is one of the reasons why. So many great conversations around the camp fire.
    My very profound 15yo son asked me the other day “if today was your last day on earth what would you do?”
    I said, “spend it with you”! 🙂

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    1. We had a brilliant time Sumith – I’ve camped since I was a little girl myself and there is just something about the stripping back of the ‘luxuries’ we don’t always appreciate when we’re at home that brings life back into what’s real.. and what’s important.. What I have that I am so grateful for! Sitting round a campfire with the stars overhead reminds me of those things that are key in my life! x

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